Turf Magazine - October, 2008


New Products

Stop by and see the latest products from these advertisers at the 2008 GIE+EXPO!

Mowing with Propane

Ferris has developed a propane mower, which features a Briggs & Stratton Big Block 32 hp engine that has been EPA and CARB certified. The engine has been designed with special internal components to handle the higher octane of vapor and deliver extended life, and a special safety valve prevents the flow of vapor to the engine until oil pressure is detected at start-up. Hydraulic oil from the wheel motor is used to heat the regulator, eliminating the possibility of “freeze up” to the vapor delivery system.

Aerate and Seed with One Machine

The 40-inch Universal AERA-vator from First Products has the same interchangeable shaft options as the 60-inch and 80-inch models, and its compact size is ideal for landscape professionals. By adding a seedbox, the machine and aerate and overseed at the same time. The vibrating tines fracture the soil for increased seed germination, which makes for a faster grow-in.

Premier Technology for Spreading and Spraying

The 2009 PermaGreen SmartSteer Magnum features steering technology that reduces operator effort. The unit instantly changes between two sets of working speeds with the turn of a knob and flick of a valve. Powered by a 5.5 hp Honda horizontal-shaft engine.

Easy Edging

Grasshopper’s Edge-Eze Edger maintains a clean, sharp edge from the sidewalk, street or curb at up to 600 feet per minute. Optional electric actuator increases downward pressure in tough conditions. Compatible with Grasshopper MidMount and FrontMount DuraMax decks that measure 48 inches and larger.

Protect Your Trimmers

New from TrimmerTrap is the Trimmer Chest string trimmer storage system. Trimmer Chest protects trimmers from damage, theft and the elements. Heavy-gauge, all-aluminum and galvanized construction lasts for many years.

Safe Slope Mowing

Slope Care and Ampcontrol present the Dvorak ILD02 Slope Mower. This remote control slope mower is capable of mowing up to a 55-degree slope while 300 feet from the operator, making it safe to mow on a slope.

Powerful Debris Blower

The Buffalo Turbine Cyclone 8000 Debris Blower is versatile, lightweight and equipped with the company’s own Turbine Technology. Powered by a 12.75 hp Honda or Kohler engine, the blower features 360-degree nozzle control (wired) and a bolt-on trailer package. Offers a blowing force of 8,000 CFM at 150 mph.

New Sprayer with a New Style

EarthWay’s S25 Liquid Sprayer has a 6.6-gallon/25-liter tank capacity and a spray width of 3 to 4 feet. The unit is ground-driven and features 13-inch-diameter, pneumatic, stud-type tires, a height-adjustable handle and self-priming pump.

Industry-Leading Brush Cutter

The Model 1305BC Brush Cutter from Turf Teq features a 13 hp Honda engine and is self-propelled with a fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission, as well as a variable angle-cutting head, which allows the operator to cut under fences, trees and other difficult-to-mow areas. On hillsides, the pivoting feature adds stability to the machine by increasing the overall ground contact pattern.

The Model 1305BC also features a multiuse tractor with quick attach that can be converted to operate a Power Edger, Power Broom or Power Rake.

Mow with Comfort

The Grasshopper MidMount Model 329B is powered by a 29 hp Vanguard Big Block engine and design-matched G2 hydrostatic drive for smooth operation and zero-turn maneuverability. Available with 52 or 61-inch DuraMax decks, inframe suspension and Cordura ComfortZone seat. Optional PowerVac Collection System, mulching package, edger, dethatcher and shielded sprayer are available.

Powerful and Energy Efficient

The Cyclone Diesel KB Debris Blower by Buffalo Turbine features an 18 hp Lombardini/Kohler engine that delivers 10,000 cfm at 175 mph. The diesel Cyclone is equipped with a wireless remote control and a bolt-on trailer package.

Save Money on Gas

The gas-to-electric sprayer conversion kit from Pumptec turns a gas sprayer into a high-performance electric sprayer. Simple field upgrade takes just minutes to install. Recharge at night for a full workday of spraying.

Twin-Turbine Blower

The Buffalo Turbine Cyclone2 (Squared) Debris Blower is a twin-turbine design powered by a 40 hp Kohler engine. Buffalo Turbine’s proprietary wireless system controls both nozzles, as well as the throttle. The machine features 20,000 cfm at 175 mph.

Accessorize Your Tire Changing Station

The CH-22 ACC Accessories Kit enhances the stability and capability of the TSI CH-22 Small Wheel Tire Changing Station. This kit combines the optional accessories for the TSI CH-22 Small Wheel Tire Changing Station, including the TSI CH-23 Floor Plate, Mini Mongoose Kit, Tire Keeper/Mounting Clamp, three Shorter Rim Clamps, four Wheel Protectors and three Sliding Jaw Caps into one easy-to-order part number. The components are manufactured using high-strength steels and are designed for use in tough environments.

Turn Edging into Art

The Edge Artist by E-Z Trench utilizes the carbide-tipped Bedscaper blade design and is powered by a GX160 Honda engine. The unit cuts through hard soils and roots easily and is a compact machine.

Smooth Operation

The 25 hp diesel-powered Grasshopper MidMount Model 325D features a DuraMax deck, which creates a manicured look in a wide variety of conditions. Optional PowerVac collection system, mulch package, edger, dethatcher and shielded sprayer available.

No More Messy Cores

JRCO’s 5-foot Hooker tow-behind aerator features tine rotors that utilize the forward force of the vehicle to make holes up to 3 inches deep. The Hooker pulls loose plugs of soil, eliminating messy hard cores and core harvesting, allowing fairway aeration without closure.

Protect Plants From the Cold

Jack Frost Foam protects plants/crops by placing an insulating foam blanket over them, (called Botanical Insulating Foam). From Chemical Containers, Inc., the blanket keeps heat in and cold out. The American Ag Foam’s formulation creates foam that quickly sets a strong protective outer layer as the temperature drops, and it can withstand wind up to 12 miles per hour with little surface sheering occurring.

Turf’s Greenest Sprayer

Pumptec’s 80812 model high-performance electric sprayer can be recharged at night. It features a tough, compact design with no gas emissions.

AERA-vator Advantages

The walk-behind AERA-vator from First Products is available in a 30-inch width for smaller lawns and a 40-inch width for commercial use. An optional seedbox is available for use in both forward and reverse. A ride-on platform is standard. Unit is powered by a 21 hp Vanguard engine for speeds up to 5 mph and features a 3-foot turning radius.

Make the World Greener

The HY-750-HE hybrid hydroseeding system combines both paddle and jet agitation in systems from 50 to 1,600 gallons. Poly tank for easy cleanout. Dual 13 hp Honda engines make the unit ideal for heavy slurries of paper, blends or wood mulch. Comes standard with heavy-duty spray platform and turret gun. Skid or pull units.

High-Tech Broadcast Spreading

The C24HDS from EarthWay includes the EV-N-SPRED Control Center, which puts the controls for adjusting application rate, left and right side balancing ports within easy reach of the operator. The over-center spring close main rate control makes opening and closing the shut-off easy, and you can control the infinitely variable and repeatable, left and right balancing port adjustments for fine pattern balancing or for closing off one or both sides of the spread pattern as needed.

One Truck—Multiple Uses

Deist Industries has added the Landscaping Body to its Switch-N-Go Detachable Truck Body System lineup. The Switch-N-Go system allows you to interchange truck bodies in a matter of minutes. Set a loaded body on the ground, pick up a loaded body, dump like a dump truck, all in one system.

The system is designed for 11,000 to 26,000 GVW commercial trucks and is designed to run with electrically powered hydraulics.