Turf Magazine - June, 2009


Irrigation Products

Our most precious natural resource is one of the most important things that you have to monitor during your day-to-day routines.

Now’s the time to look for ways to upgrade your irrigation equipment and make your systems more efficient with new sprinkler heads, filters, pumps, hose reels or a remote monitoring system—you may even be looking to install a completely new system.

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Micro Series travelers include the Micro 50 SS, which has a low-pressure turbine drive, Komet 101 sprinkler and 495 feet of hose. Standard features include automatic water shutoff, speed control, adjustable-width sprinkler cart, pressure gauge and 5.5 hp Honda booster pump.

Excalibur Extrusions

Excalibur’s machined nipples are made from the company’s own pipe stock, meet ASTM listings and are available in TBE, TOE, Plain End and Victaulic versions. They are shipped in boxes sealed with safety tape identifying them as “Machined Nipples,” so customers know what is inside.


Irrometer offers the Watermark family of products, designed to work in conjunction with residential and commercial irrigation controllers to maximize efficiency. They are easy to install, adjust to the site’s plant and soil types and manage irrigation scheduling based on plant demand.


Orival offers 6 and 8-inch models of its water-conserving ORG Series of automatic filters for flows up to 1,320 GPM. By concentrating the process, these filters use much less water during each cleaning cycle than traditional self-cleaning screen filters.

Turf Teq

Self-propelled, walk-behind trenchers offer four blade options: .5 inch wide by 5 inches deep; 2 inches wide by 5 inches deep; 2 inches wide by 7 inches deep; and 5 inches wide by 5 inches deep. The unit features a 13 hp Honda engine, multiuse capability and hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission.


Font’N-Aire floating fountains and Aquarian surface aerators enhance water quality of irrigation ponds. Available in several models.


Filtomat M100 automatic, self-cleaning screen filters have a smaller footprint and produce up to 75 percent less backflush water than sand media systems.


The Asta Drip pressure-compensating emitter comes in .5, 1 and 2 GPH flow rates and is sealed to maintain preset discharge rates and uniformity.

Armada Technologies

The Pro300 mini wire and valve locator finds lost or broken wires and lost valve boxes at ranges of up to 500 feet.


The MINI-SAT field station can control gates or valves via the Internet. Users can be notified of any changes by e-mail or phone, or view them online.

Brown Products

The Trenchmaster F-1202H walk-behind trencher is powered by a 9 or 13 hp Honda engine and trenches up to 12 inches deep and .5 to 4.5 inches wide.

Bullet Mole

The Bullet Mole is a fast, easy way to install pipe or electrical conduit under sidewalks and driveways. Goes through rock, wood and tree roots.

Campbell Mfg.

Hanflo fittings for poly pipe are made of glass-fiber-reinforced nylon and have a one-piece, compression-style design to ensure a leak-free connection.

CDS-John Blue

Offers a complete line of irrigation pumps with a range of application rates and power sources. Made of 316 stainless steel and polypropylene.


Trenchers feature a 50,000-pound digging chain, depths from 24 to 60 inches, removable spoil auger, optional hydraulic side shift and self-aligning boom.


The Chemilizer CP33 is a nonelectric injector designed to automatically adjust to all zones. It is simple to operate and maintain.

Cycle Stop Valves

Constant-pressure pump control valves change any constant-speed pump into a constant-pressure, variable-flow pump. Multiple applications.

Decagon Devices

The 5TE sensor measures soil moisture, soil temperature and bulk electrical conductivity. It incorporates high-frequency oscillation.


TurboDos100 and 200 nonelectric injectors can inject up to two chemicals simultaneously and independently at flow rates from 20 to 200 GPM.


JetRain pin-style nozzles for low and high-pressure systems offer even coverage and can be mounted in PVC or galvanized pipe or flexible PE tubing.

Eagle Point Software

The LANDCADD suite of landscape and irrigation design software provides tools for designers to lay out and design irrigation systems of any size.

EZ-FLO Fertilizing Sys.

EZ-FLO fertigation systems are durable and easy to use and dispense fertilizer, soil amendments, water conditioners, insect/pest control products and more.

Hannay Reels

The N700 Series hose reel has a narrow frame and compact base for use in small spaces and is engineered to streamline irrigation applications.

HARCO Fittings

Lateral Isolation Valves are resilient, seated angle valves equipped with HARCO’s Swivel Joint and Knuckle Restraint for quick connections.

InduMar Products

Stop It is an in-the-field pipe repair system that allows the user to repair and rehabilitate leaking pipes in minutes, minimizing excavation and downtime.

KID Group

Micro Rain traveling irrigation systems automatically retract and shut off, providing a portable solution that can be left unattended.


Water-Reels are traveling irrigation systems that operate unattended, shut off automatically, require minimal labor and are easy to use.

King Innovation

DryConn Black Series waterproof connectors are corrosion-proof, rated for 600 volts and UL 486D-listed. One-step installation saves time and money.


The L-2 Line Layer allows installation of underground lawn irrigation systems and various types of wire or cable. Features rubber tracks and 23 hp Kohler engine.

Munro Pump

The LP1502 self-priming centrifugal pump comes standard with silica carbide Viton rubber seals for long seal life and a heavy-duty motor.

Neptune Chemical Pump

Tacmina PZ Series electronic metering pumps are available in manual control, external input and programmable models. Pressures up to 220 PSI.

Rain Master

Oasis central irrigation management software features Visual Positioning site mapping tools and Weather View for real-time weather information.

Schumacher Irrigation

Offers a wide variety of irrigation parts, including controllers, spray heads, valves, nozzles, tubing, fittings, emitters, sprinklers and weather sensors.

Spectrum Technologies

SpecMaps ProTurf software allows users to create instant visual pictures of soil moisture spatial variability on landscape turf.

Star Sight Innovations

Mammoth Grip sprinkler spacers stabilize sprinklers while eliminating movement as the ground settles after sprinkler installation.

Turf Feeding Systems

Fertigation systems include the water-driven series for areas from 3 acres up to over 50 acres. Operates by waterpower, with a solar-powered controller.


The 2Wire Decoder Module converts the Hunter ICC controller to two-wire operation, with a single pair of wires extending to each valve.