Turf Magazine - May, 2013



Each new season brings new turf challenges. One of the most effective tools in the battle against pests, weeds or growth problems is a sprayer. Whether you need to spot spray ornamentals around a home or fertilize an entire lawn, you'll find what you need in this month's guide to sprayers.

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The Bobcat sprayer is available with a four-nozzle boom on a 50-gallon sprayer that unfolds to a 10-foot width. A 75-gallon model with 21-foot boom is available for the Toolcat 5600.


Buffalo Turbine

The CSM3 Mist Sprayer is effective when barrier spraying, larviciding and "knock down" applications are needed, as well as odor control. Uses turbulent air to apply a thorough and wide range of cover.


C&S Turf Care Equipment

C&S Turf Care builds ProTurf skid-mount sprayers in an assortment of sizes with both gas or 12-volt electric-powered pumps.


CDS-John Blue

The VisaGage II Flow Monitor enables users to easily monitor flow rates of liquid products. Simple to install and most parts are interchangeable with other brands on the market.


Earthway Products, Inc.

The S25SS SPRAY-PRO push sprayer features an all stainless steel chassis and an adjustable spray system. Ideal for ice control products, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.



Echo's MS-40BP backpack sprayer has a 4-gallon capacity, 90 PSI large-diameter piston pump and comes with three nozzles. Tank is marked in both gallons and liters with true capacities.



Pro series sprayers come in pull-type trailer, three-point tractor or skid-mount models; 40-, 60- or 80-gallon capacities; and 6- to 30-foot boom lengths. Pump options are electric, PTO or gas engine.


Graham Spray Equipment

The GSE HX600 100-gallon unit features a John Bean pump & regulator, 8 hp Honda engine and two electric reels with hose.



The Shielded Sprayer for Grasshopper zero-turn mowers features a patented design that contains spray pattern for on-target application. Each spray chamber has four spray nozzles for uniform coverage.


GreenPro Solutions

The SS 220 Spread-N-Spray features a 220-pound hopper that spreads up to 32 feet wide; 4- 8- or 16-foot spray widths; three industrial-grade pumps; and 6.5 hp Honda engine with wet clutch.


Gregson-Clark Spraying Eq.

The V-Series skid sprayers are available in 50- to 300-gallon sizes and feature a balanced, space-saving design. Many component options and accessories available, including modular add-on tanks.


H.D. Hudson Mfg. Co.

The 38500 JD9-C heavy-duty spray gun with 38602 tip adjusts quickly from mist to pencil-like stream. Trigger locks on for user comfort and there is a wide choice of tips, nozzles and root feeders.



The BP4E features 15 to 80 PSI working pressure, 150 PSI maximum pressure, external piston/diaphragm/agitation pump, 4-gallon capacity and 20-inch brass wand with adjustable brass nozzle and fan nozzles.



Offers four models of backpack sprayers in 3- and 4-gallon capacities. Features stainless steel wand, 65-inch hose, ergonomic trigger gun and factory repair kit with extra nozzles.



The 30-gallon zero-turn sprayer attaches to mower with four clevis pins. Features three-section breakaway boom, spot spray gun, Udor diaphragm pump and Briggs & Stratton 3.5 hp engine.


L.T. Rich Product, Inc.

More than five Z-spray models available with granular capacities from 100 to 300 pounds and liquid capacities from 18 to 89 gallons. Each model is built on an all stainless steel chassis.


Mankar Ultra-Low Volume Sprayers

The Mankar HQ weighs around 6 pounds with a full tank and features superior drift control and quick refills with no mixing or measuring.



The Triumph Spreader Sprayer features a 12-gallon capacity, covers up to 3,400 square feet per minute, dropdown handlebars to use as a walk-behind, and consistent spray application with two set ground speeds.


PK Products

UTV-mounted spray units come in 40-, 60- and 68-gallon tank sizes and feature spray height adjustment without the need for additional tools. Aluminum frames are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.



The Shielded Sprayer features flow ball indicators, heavy-duty frame, breakaway side booms, FloJet/TeeJet components, 30-gallon tank and optional hand wand kit.


R&K Pump & Equipment

The 400/200/50 multi-tank spray systems allow you to mix on-site and spray up to three materials per application.



The SP45BPE backpack sprayer features a 4.5-gallon capacity and 90 PSI large-diameter piston pump. Comes with three nozzles: a brass adjustable, a fixed fan and a fixed cone.



The STIHL SG 20 sprayer maintains constant pressure, even through refills. The manual backpack sprayer is also lightweight to help users get the job done with less fatigue.



The Detachable Body System-Sprayer Body sprays up to 85 feet high and has a 990-plus-gallon capacity with two mix/app tanks. Wide range of sizes available; custom configured for your needs.


TeeJet Technologies

The TeeJet AIC flat spray tip uses an air induction design to produce coarse, air-filled droplets that minimize spray drift. Features a 110-degree spray angle and is offered in a range of sizes.


Turbo Technologies

Manufactures turf sprayers, tree sprayers and multi-tank sprayers with Honda engines. Available in single-tank models from 50 to 1,000 gallons and custom multi-tank configurations.

www.turboturf.com; www.turfsprayers.com


Turfco's T3000i spreader sprayer features a hands-free speed control system, trim-speed lock, optional 3-in-1 auxiliary tank and optional 175-pound hopper. Small enough to fit through a 36-inch gate.



Spot sprayers with 50- to 100-gallon tanks feature corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank construction, 50-foot hoses on 100-foot capacity manual-rewind hose reels, and long spray wands with trigger actuation.


Wilger, Inc.

Flow View Ball Flow Indicators come in manifold and individual flow models to indicate flow to tips that aren't visible. Wide range of inlet and outlet fittings available.


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