Soil Amendments and Conditioners


Pro-Wet, a nontoxic, granulated soil wetter, eliminates dry spots, reduces water needs and delivers uniform growth and deeper root systems.


Verde-Cal products utilize PHCA organic acid to make enhanced limestone and gypsum up to four times more readily available than standard lime or gypsum.


Aquatrols soil surfactants enhance uniform delivery and distribution of fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and water for less waste and better results.

Diamond K

Calcium Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate and Potassium Magnesium Sulfate are ultra-fine, solution-grade products designed for fertigation or spraying.


Hydretain uses advanced hygroscopic and humectant technologies to cut watering by up to 50 percent and protect against drought stress.


Premium Hi-Nitrogen 18-3-7/ER is a complete turf fertilizer that also conditions soil. Contains quick-acting and extended-release nitrogen, humus and humic acids.

Jonathan Green

MIR-A-CAL, a more soluble form of calcium, comes in easy-to-spread pellets and boosts lawn color, reduces stress, improves soil texture and aids in water uptake.


Lutz Palm Tree Maintenance Spikes fertilize palms while protecting them from deficiencies of manganese, magnesium, potassium and iron.


GroWin is a granular biostimulant that accelerates germination and rooting for faster turf and plant establishment.

Monterey Lawn & Garden

Dr. Iron contains iron and sulfur and is used to correct iron deficiencies in lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs. Reduces soil pH.


Bay State Fertilizer is a 100 percent recycled product made from wastewater solids. Its nitrogen is in a natural organic form, so it breaks down slowly.


SeaSafe ULTRA soil amendment contains a wetting agent, soil penetrant, humectants, biostimulant, micronutrients, beneficial fungi and root inoculant.

Nature Safe

Nature Safe Fertilizers, containing all-natural animal proteins, improve microbial activity and turf color, density, stress tolerance and disease suppression.

North Pacific

Products include CAL-SUL pelletized gypsum, PEL-LIME pelletized lime, PAR4 9-3-7 organic turf fertilizer and The Pozz porous ceramic soil amendment.

Novozymes Biologicals

1>2>3 Premix Plus and 1>2>3 + Condition from ROOTS establish deeper roots, greater root mass development, greener color and improved overall turf health.

Profile Products

The ProPlus line includes Aqua-pHix for alkaline soils, NeutraLime for acidic soils and JumpStart and BioPrime stimulants and enhancers for faster germination.

Soil Mender Products

Hu-Max Turf Soil Builder is a blend of aged humus and essential supplements for planting new grass, repairing damaged or bare spots and adding organic matter.

Spindler Enterprises

H3O+ contains 10 percent surfactant, minimizes localized dry spots, increases watering efficiency, delays wilting and drought stresses and increases germination.

Suståne Natural Fertilizer

Suståne 10-2-10 + Fe homogeneous, organic-based, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer will not burn, gives quick color and lasts up to 10 weeks.

Tech Terra

Products include Nutrients Plus Natural and Organic-based granular fertilizers, worm castings, azomite, yucca extract and more.


Total Turf is a wetting agent, surfactant and penetrant containing negatively charged materials that combine to encapsulate water molecules.

Tiger-Sul Products

Tiger Turf Mixes I and II, containing sulfur, iron and manganese, provide season-long nutrition, increase nitrogen uptake and reduce nitrate leaching.

Turf Pro USA

Turf Pro and Turf & Garden Pro products improve soil and plant health, suppress pests and pathogens and build soil structure with organic nutrients and more.

Vitamin Institute

SUPERthrive contains 50 vitamins and hormones for strong, smooth greens. Uses range from hydroseeding to reinvigorating old turf.

Western Pozzolan

Lassenite, an all-natural, porous soil amendment, stores and releases plant-available moisture, conserving water, reducing compaction and improving turf health.