Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders

The manufacturers listed in this month’s Guide to Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders offer the equipment you need to fertilize fairways, deice sidewalks or topdress a sports field.

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Earth & Turf

The MultiSpread Model 320 can be pulled by 20 hp tractors and features 1-cubic-yard capacity, wide-spread beater and two-wheel ground drive.


The 34-inch-wide Ecolawn self-propelled topdresser, powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine, has a polyethylene hopper, 11.5-cubic-foot capacity and metering gate.


Turf Tiger Cubs come in 1.8 and 2.3-cubic-yard capacities and spread up to 8 feet wide. Handles wet or dry materials.


Pequea’s SuperSpread 195, available with three hopper sizes, features 22.5-inch spinners with six paddles each that spread material up to 30 feet.


Offers the Workman bed-mounted, 18-cubic-foot capacity model 1800 and the 25-cubic-foot capacity 2500, a self-contained, all-wheel drive trailer unit.


The PP-180 broadcast topdresser is designed for light to heavy spread patterns in widths from 12 to 35 feet. Leaves clearly defined edges with each pass.

B&B Technologies

The Ride-On Carrier fits a Class IV hitch and securely locks spreaders in place. It has curbside ramps for loading and unloading and a light package is standard.

C&S Turf Care

The Turf Tracker Stealth features a 200-pound-capacity spreader providing widths from 4 to 24 feet. Carry rack holds an additional 200 pounds of material.  

Cub Cadet

The TANK Spreader/Sprayer is powered by a Kawasaki V-Twin engine and features a thumb-tip control on the lap bar, 125-pound hopper and welded steel frame.

Dakota Peat

The 212 Push Spreader is small, portable and designed to hold and accurately dispense 24-pound bags of Dakota Organics. Use for lawns, landscapes and more.


The Poly Spreader is available in two sizes, 8 feet with 2.1-cubic-yard capacity and 6.5 feet with 1.7-cubic-yard capacity, and electric or hydraulic drive options.


The M40ECM is a 12-volt, all-electric, remotely operated broadcast spreader with 100-pound capacity and a stainless steel chassis.


The Spreader-Mate for turf and ornamental applications is a self-contained, drop-in sprayer that converts a broadcast spreader to a fully functional sprayer.

Ground Logic

The Pathfinder has a Honda engine and 120-pound-capacity hopper and is built entirely of stainless steel. Can be used on small or large properties.

Jonathan Green

The Green-Meter Rotary Spreader features large wheels to handle all terrains and has a large hopper to hold up to 10,000 square feet of material.


The electric broadcast spreader boasts a polyethylene hopper with 120-pound capacity and vibrating agitator. Provides 5 to 24-foot spread widths.

M&N Sales

The Lil’ Limer is wheel-driven and allows the operator to control when and how much material to dispense. Can be pulled by ATVs, mowers and small tractors.


The ride-on Magnum spreader has a 150-pound hopper with choice of spreader mechanism. Honda engine and articulated steering.


The SS220 Spreader features a 220-pound poly hopper with stainless steel frame; electric-controlled, variable-speed impeller; and gate and pattern control.


The galvanized broadcast spreader is adaptable to a three-point hitch and self-loads on a skid steer mount. Spreads material from 3 to 40-plus feet.


The Shindaiwa RS76 spreader offers 75-pound capacity, welded frame, heavy-duty axle bushings, 13-inch wheels and locking, spring-loaded on/off lever.

Stoltzfus Spreaders

The WLS 20 heavy-duty spreader features all-PTO design, single axle, leaf-spring suspension, dual spinners and 53-cubic-foot hopper.

Turf Pride

The Material Management System 4400 is equipped with 24-inch, PTO-driven spinners; 4,400-pound capacity; and 16-inch stainless steel mesh chain.


TurfEx commercial-duty spreader attachments are available as either electric or PTO-driven with capacities of 3, 7 or 12 cubic feet of material.

Valmar Airflo

The 1255 pull-type applicator features a ground-driven metering system, 60-speed gearbox and self-leveling boom. For granular insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers or seed.

Venture Products

The Ventrac Spreader 220 can be either front or rear-mounted and features a 220-pound capacity, spread widths from 3 to 25 feet, hopper cover and electric control box.

Belco Resources Equipment

The Greenscape Conservation Seeder, available in 60 and 84-inch working widths, is ground-driven and prepares soil with two connected spike rollers.


The Blec Disc Seeder offers 2-inch disc spacing, compact design, minimal surface disturbance, seed-to-soil contact and 54, 72 and 90-inch working widths.

CS Trading

The Sisis Variseeder, for use with compacts and most trucksters, has a studded, spiraled roller that creates “plant pots” to receive the broadcast grass seed.


The Titan HydroSeeder is available with three tank sizes (2,500 to 3,600 gallons) and is good for large areas, steep slopes and hard-to-reach applications.

First Products

The Universal Aera-Vator with seeder overseeds without disrupting the playing surface. Vibrating rotor action fractures the soil for increased seed germination.

L.T. Rich Products

The Z-Plug Aerator with Slice Seeder attachment is ground-driven with height-adjustable, reversible knives. Seed is embedded with a spiked roller drum.  

Land Pride

The All-Purpose Seeder comes in 4, 5, 6 or 7-foot widths and features all-welded seedbox construction and a watertight lid to keep seed dry.

Lawn Solutions

Turf Revitalizer models feature a 40-pound-capacity hopper, 4-inch-diameter mixer, variable-speed controls and 11-gauge, high-carbon spring steel blades.

Pik Rite

The Eden 750 hydroseeder has a 25 hp engine, electric start, high-capacity pump, mechanical agitation and various options including an aluminum toolbox.


The TurfSavr overseeds, slices, dethatches or fertilizes a 22-inch-wide path. Heat-treated carbon steel knives are tightly spaced to improve seed germination.


The Aerothatch 83 with Seeder 93 dethatches and seeds in one pass. The Seeder 93 plants seeds in 16 parallel grooves on a 3-inch center.


The ATVK-400 Seeder/ Spreader’s low-profile mount fits most ATVs. Features 12-volt motor with variable speed control and a 1-bushel polyethylene hopper.