Hiring Right the First Time for Every Position

By Paul Wolbert

Hiring is a tough business. It takes patience careful analysis and the right screening. With so many talented people out of work, take your time to find the one that really fits the bill. He or she is out there.

It's a natural part of the business evolution for small businesses. At first you need generalists in most positions. You need someone to run all aspects of your marketing or operations, for example. But as your business evolves and grows, you'll need people with specific skill sets rather than generalists to keep your business growing.

Most businesses may put great effort into hiring for higher-profile positions, but devote less effort and scrutiny to hiring "lesser" hires. Joe Widgetmaker can't do any harm out of sight, they assume. This can be misguided and costly. Every employee - whether on the front line or in the back office - can directly impact a customer's perception of the business.

Smart business owners know that they can't cut corners in staffing, or the fallout could be devastating. Here are several tips for hiring right the first time and avoiding costly and disruptive problems that might otherwise tarnish a company's image - or worse:

Growing companies eager to gain extra hands should be thorough in their hiring process so they land the next great employees, or risk making a costly hiring mistake. Investing the time and resources in the recruiting process helps keep a business on the right track to continued expansion before ever saying, "You're hired!"

In summary, the more you do at the beginning of the hiring process the fewer problems you will encounter during the process and after the person is hired. It is much easier and less-expensive to hire right the first time then to do it over and over for the same position, or to deal with people who are not the right fit for the job. Nothing you do will be more important than getting the right people into the right jobs.

If your company deals with frequent hiring situations, it's time to get key staff members up to speed on "hiring right."

With more than 30 years of experience in franchising, sales and business operations, Paul Wolbert knows franchising like the back of his hand. He helps potential new franchisees make their decision to come into the market, and his in-depth knowledge of the green industry allows him to keep the U.S. Lawns marketing plan on target for franchisees' growth and for all divisions of U.S. Lawn's business to thrive in any economy. He has helped build the U.S. Lawn business to where it is today.