Weed Control

Weeds - one of the most disturbing things to see on a manicured plot of turf. After all of your hard work, one measly weed where it doesn't belong can ruin any turf manager's day!

Good thing there are many options out there today, both chemical and nonchemical, that can rid the turf you care for of these wretched weeds. Take a look here to find what tool fits best in your management program.

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Flame Engineering

The Red Dragon Backpack Unit (BP 2512SVC) is powered by propane and offers 400,000 BTUs to kill unwanted weeds. No reside or runoff associated with the flame.


Echelon is the first herbicide in its class with a dual mode of action. It controls weeds from the foliage down and from the root up, with proven efficacy and long-lasting residual for pre-emergence crabgrass and Poa control.


Offers a line of 27 herbicides to tackle many weeds in a variety of environments, such as the ProForm family and the company's well-known Trimec line.

Soil Technologies Corp.

Phydura broad-spectrum contact herbicide utilizes cinnamon oil, clove oil and citric acid to eradicate grasses and broadleaf weeds. Non-selective spray application.


Tenacity's active ingredient, mesotrione, controls more than 40 broadleaf weeds and undesired grasses and sedge. Can be used as preemergence or postemergence weed control in most cool-season turf types.

Tech Terra Environment

A.D.I.O.S. is a nontoxic and odorless selective weed killer that can be used on lawns and around ornamental plants, bushes, small trees, fruits and vegetable gardens.

Valent Professional Products

SureGuard applied on dormant bermudagrass provides pre-emergence control of goosegrass, crabgrass and other annual grass and broadleaf weeds.