440 Series 3

  • Engine: 83 hp
  • Operating cap.: 2,200 pounds
  • Tipping load: 4,400 pounds
  • Wheeled
  • Feature: Four-cylinder, turbocharged engine; over 75 compatible attachments; large, comfortable cab with standard suspension seat; easy-tilt ROPS for easy access to components; and environmentally friendly remote oil drain.


The AB Angle Broom has hydraulic angle adjustment for on-the-go angle changes for efficient cleaning. Float action allows for smoother operation and a decrease in broom wear. The tube-style brush is easy to replace. The tilt function allows a tilt of plus or minus four degrees to better follow ground contours.



  • Engine: 84 hp
  • Operating cap.: 2,700 pounds
  • Tipping load: 5,400 pounds
  • Wheeled
  • Feature: Extended reach and lift height for easy truck loading; sealed and pressurized cab option for cleaner, quieter operating environment; high-performance power train; and seat-mounted, adjustable joystick controls.

Earth & Turf Products

Home Plate is a weld-on attachment plate for use with universal skid steer quick-attach systems. It features full-plate sheet steel construction with 12 built-in holes for easy plug welding. It weighs 78 pounds and measures 3 inches deep, 18 inches high and 48 inches wide to conform to universal specifications.

First Products

The Aera-vator for mini skid steers has solid vibrating tines that penetrate up to 3.75 inches deep. It operates in both forward and reverse. Requiring 8 GPM, it has a universal mounting plate and optional seed box attachment. The side-to-side tine movement levels heavy-traffic areas and prepares a seedbed.

McCullough Innovations

The 3000 Series Cover-Up backfills trenches in one pass, features steel construction with a powder-coat finish and comes with an offset or centered auger. The height is operator-controlled by the tilt control on the skid steer. Weighing 475 pounds, the unit is 95.5 inches wide and 19 inches tall.


The Soil Renovator with V-body blades cultivates, grades, seeds and rolls in a single pass. It buries stone, sod and debris and helps create mature turf more quickly. The offset design covers one tire track, eliminating touch-up work. Jackscrews are used to adjust the digging depth and grader blade height.

Star Hill Jawz

JAWZ grabbing tools are front-end attachments designed for land management tasks such as moving rocks and boulders, pulling out fence posts and stakes and uprooting plants and trees. The design is based on the principle of applying tandem hydraulic squeezing power through a steel finger attachment.


The STECAVATOR prepares areas for seeding or sod and comes in working widths from 41 to 118 inches. It cultivates to a depth of 8 inches, pulverizes soil, buries rocks and debris, and levels and rakes in one pass, leaving a firm, clean surface for seeding. It features an all-gear drive for durability.

Skid Steers  


M-Series S630

  • Engine: 74.3 hp
  • Operating cap.: 2,180 pounds
  • Tipping load: 4,360 pounds
  • Wheeled
  • Feature: 15 percent increase in hydraulic hp

Ditch Witch


  • Engine: 31.5 hp Kubota D1105-T
  • Operating cap.: 650 pounds
  • Tipping load: 1,860 pounds
  • Tracked
  • Feature: Stand-on platform


180 Series II

  • Engine: 60 hp Perkins or JCB Dieselmax
  • Operating cap.: 1,808 pounds
  • Tipping load: 3,618 pounds
  • Wheeled
  • Feature: Single-arm design

John Deere


  • Engine: 58 hp
  • Operating cap.: 1,800 pounds
  • Tipping load: 4,000 pounds
  • Wheeled
  • Feature: 24 percent more cab room

New Holland


  • Engine: 52 hp ISM
  • Operating cap.: 2,000 pounds
  • Tipping load: 3,530 pounds
  • Wheeled
  • Feature: Super Boom, Pick-Up-N-Go



TX 427

  • Engine: 27 hp Kohler
  • Operating cap.: 535 pounds
  • Tipping load: 1,530 pounds
  • Tracked
  • Feature: Kevlar-reinforced tracks


The Dual Level Best grading box is fully automatic, with dual controls and widths of 72, 84 and 96 inches. It grades with an accuracy up to 1/8 inch.

Brown Bear

The BC283 brush cutter requires 25 to 55 GPM and features a cut width of 36 inches and adjustable, multiposition skid shoes for adjustable cut height.


The EDGE Sod Unroller has a strong tubular frame, requires no hydraulics and handles sod rolls up to 48 inches wide and 60 inches in diameter.


Skid steer forks are available in rod or rail-mounted models, with lift capacities from 3,000 to 6,000 pounds and tine lengths of 42 and 48 inches.

Echo Bear Cat

The CH450H chipper is driven by a skid steer’s hydraulics, requiring 11 GPM and 3,000 PSI. The 14-inch chipper disc has two reversible, heat-treated steel blades.


The FFC Tree Spade is available in 36, 40, 44 and 48-inch ball sizes. It has no moving parts, requires virtually no maintenance and is easy to operate.

General Equip. Co.

The DIG-R-TACH line of earth drilling attachments offers models for use with both small and large hydraulic systems.


The Toma-Ax 500HF requires at least 30 GPM and attaches quickly without special hoses or couplings. Processes softwoods up to 12 inches in diameter.

K-W Mfg.

Offers a full line of Kwik-Way dozer blades, including V-Blades, Six-Way Dozers and straight Angle Blades, all with trip springs and skid shoes.

Land Pride

The SC26 rotary cutter features a smooth-top design, 60-inch cutting width, cutting heights from 1.5 to 18 inches and high, medium or low-volume motors.

MB Companies

The Model HL comes in 5, 6, 7 and 8-foot sweeping widths with a 32-inch diameter brush, hydraulic angle change and four-point, self-centering swing system.

McLaughlin Group

The Backfill Attachment is 43 inches wide and can fill a trench up to 6 feet deep in one pass. The offset auger moves large amounts of material quickly.


Revolution planetary drives feature an efficient gearbox, two-piece bail design, added cooling feature and a crossover pressure relief system.


S100 and S200 broadcast spreaders offer a casting range of 3 to 60 feet, spinner speed controls, manual flow rate adjustment slider and self-load capability.

Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg.

The Tele-Saw is a hydraulically driven chain saw that attaches to the Tele-Boom and allows operators to trim and prune large branches.

Skid Steer Solutions

The PD-550 is a hydraulically driven, nitrogen gas-charged post driver system with very few moving parts. It requires minimal servicing.


The Mini Pro 575 spreader features a polyethylene hopper, capacity of 5.75 cubic feet, noncorrosive composite spinner and spreading width up to 40 feet.


Operators can attach the FastTach Snow Pusher to a SnowWolf Ultra Series in five seconds without leaving the cab. Available for 8, 9 and 10-foot blades.


The Loegering Eliminator landscape rake is a low-profile, non-hydraulic attachment with teeth designed to loosen tough soil. Comes in 42, 72 and 84-inch sizes.

Weed Badger

The Weed Badger SS600 allows operators to till, mow, sweep, rake and brush with a variety of interchangeable tools and attachments.

The June issue of Turf will feature product focuses on Insect and Pest Control Products; Soil Amendments and Conditioners; and Sprayers.