Being sick is a drag; it’s not any fun. Believe me I can speak from experience on this topic because, well, I’m sick right now. I have some kind of a cold or flu type thing that pretty much wipes out my ability to have any semblance of a regular day. You see, generally when I get sick I don’t do a lot of puking, it’s usually hacking, coughing and feeling run down accompanied by increasing the stock price of Kleenex with all of the nose blowing and such. However, this time there was the puking, which called for drastic measures like calling off work. Of course, this all transpired on a Friday, so I had the entire weekend to bond with my couch, laptop and our family dog who kept me company as well as amused with all the dog noises she manages to manufacture on a regular basis.

What should you do on sick days? My advice: learn something!

Yes, you read that right. Learn something that can help you improve yourself or your business. You know all those things you always say that you have to do but don’t have the time to? Now you have the time!

Here is a good example: I had been meaning to watch the training videos for our new software system for work. I banged out over an hour of those puppies this past weekend. I also watched a bunch of videos on how to use social media to help grow our company. I spent a lot of time reading about an upcoming vacation we will be taking. I hardly even watched TV except at night. I also admittedly spent some time laying on the couch, but that’s to be expected.

Being sick has advantages, especially for us business owners. If you think about it, when else do you get to have a completely uninterrupted day at home? So why not make the time productive? Get something done, learn something new and you still might have time for a Flintstone rerun or two.

Disclaimer: The following advice is for people who are kind of sick but not too sick. If you can’t get out of bed, don’t follow this advice and instead seek the help of a doctor. But if you are only sick a little, but still too sick to go to work and you will be watching reruns all day, then this advice is definitely for you. If you are in doubt, please check with your doctor.