There are certain topics that arise every spring at landscape companies. Check out what others in the industry have to say about these common topics and issues on the job as the new season kicks off.

1. Formula to Bid Residential Mowing Jobs

When you are starting out, it can be difficult to bid jobs that will make you money but also be fair in the eyes of the customer. Do you look at price per acre? Or do you factor in mulch beds and irrigation systems? Maybe the best piece of advice is to determine what it costs to do business in the first place.

2. Break in Your New Boots Quick

A new season is upon us! Do you avoid getting new boots because the ones you already have are worn in just right and too comfortable to give up? Now might be the time to try these ideas to break in some new leather boots in two hours — ready for the first mow. What’s your best trick?

3. Pricing for Land Clearing

Similar to pricing mowing, a contractor can charge per acre for land clearing. It’s also important to factor in time, equipment, bailing and loading. Is the lot mainly hay or is it heavily forested? These LawnSite members say to be sure to charge enough to cover any equipment rental fees, transportation and your labor.

4. Naming Your New Landscape Business

Having trouble coming up with a name for your company? Or maybe you saw a competitor down the street and can’t believe the name of their business. Whatever the case, these LawnSite members discuss the funniest name of a lawn care business that they’ve seen.

5. Buying Used Mowers

It can be difficult to gauge a good price on user power equipment like mowers. It depends a lot on what features the mower has, how well it was treated, maintenance and the number of hours on the engine. Some dealers have a catalog and resources for a used mower price guide or potential options. What’s your go-to resource when shopping for a used mower?

6. MPG When Towing

What truck do you drive to tow equipment to and from jobsites? This LawnSite user wants to hear some statistics on MPG from those who already own different truck brands. If a truck costs more up front, is it worth better gas mileage in the long run?

7. What’s Your Trailer Weight?

Have you weighed your empty trailer? What type is it? Enclosed? How many axles does it have? Have you weighed it with all of the equipment on it?

8. Determining Spreader Settings

This LawnSite member is trying to calibrate a new spreader and determine the spread rates. The calibration number might be on the fertilizer bag. One member suggests calibrating the spreader on their own by marking off an area and applying the fertilizer and then weighing it to see how much was put down.

9. Formula to Bid Commercial Mowing Jobs

Jumping into commercial bidding requires knowing your numbers. It’s important to be as efficient as possible going up against other competitive pricing. How do you charge compared to residential mowing?

10. Comparing Engine Oil

10W30 versus SAE30. Which type do you use on your engines? Does the engine manual say both oils can be used? Either way, keep the oil changed at regular intervals for good maintenance practices.