I’m going to put a challenge out to all of you, and I’m including myself in this so we’re in this one together. I think each and every one of us should do what we want to do; not just some of it, all of it. I understand that we are all running our businesses and we have tons of responsibilities and we think that we simply can’t do anything else, but we are dead wrong. Now if all you want to do is run your business and that’s it, then fine. Go and do it and make sure it’s being run the way you want it to be.

I think we all have untapped wants and needs that can be incorporated within our current situations in life, and I think it’s super important because doing what you truly want gives you energy and a purpose. Let’s just say you like to write but you run a landscape business and think that you’re just too busy to become a writer right now. I can tell you from experience that it’s just not true. First of all, if writing is something that you truly want to do, you will find time to do it. Think about the content you are exposed to every single day as an owner or manager: the issues, problems, victories and even just plain funny and goofy stuff that happens every single day. So write about it. Start a blog; it’s free. Just go do it — right now.

I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for the past three years, so finally I decided to just do it. So I started putting up videos about my landscape company, my daily issues and some of my thoughts on business. It cost me nothing. I use my iPhone and walk around talking to myself, but it is totally exciting to me. It’s not perfect and, quite frankly, I’m not sure it’s even any good, but I wanted to do it so I finally did. I figured that I have to go to work every day anyway, so why not shoot some video and put it out there.

I think that as business owners we get caught up in becoming the business; it’s our identity, it’s our livelihood, it’s our baby. Yes, that’s all true, but that is where we sell ourselves short. We all say the same thing: “When I have time, I’m going to get a classic car and restore it,” or “I’m going to start painting or knitting,” or whatever it is you want to do. I’ve got news for you: you’re never going to have time. It’s never going to be the right time, so the time is now — today. Just start. If you are like me and have an obsession with your business, then parallel your other wants into that business. Want to be a painter? Then paint a picture of one of your jobs and give it to the customer. Want to work on that classic car? Then make room in the shop and do it, put your logo on it and drive it in some parades. You can apply this thinking to anything.

We only live once, and we should always be doing the things we want to do as much as possible. We already do enough of what we don’t want to do. This is not selfish and you should not feel guilty about it. It’s all part of the journey and you will be a better person for it, so just go do it.