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  • Hourly pay to attract quality employee at cemetery?
    From state minimum wages to $23.50 an hour with benefits, landscape owners and managers weigh in on this increasingly important topic. For more on the challenges particular to cemetery turfgrass management, see this recent article from an agronomist who worked at Arlington National Cemetery.


    A comical take on the sweetgum issue!

  • How do you deal with large amounts of sweetgum balls?
    A golf ball picker? Blowing? Simply picking them up and charging for it? There’s not a lot of love going on for sweetgum trees. One poster linked a great article by Davey Tree Experts about tree injections to abate some of the balls. Or replace the tree with a fruitless sweetgum tree, says Davey. Got kids? For a more comical take on the problem, those holes fit pipecleaners perfectly for mice and more.
  • Ideas when dealing with weed spray restrictions?
    Great advice in this thread on: grass seed varieties that crowd out weeds; controlling crabgrass, goosegrass and spurge with saw knives and more; and other suggestions. For organic and natural lawn care products for healthy soil, click here. And look for an upcoming article on regenerative lawn practices that reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in the Summer edition of Turf magazine. Get your free copy here.
  • Does a 30″ commercial push mower make sense for a growing business with no trailer or storage but one or two large properties of 2+acres?
    The simple answer? No one wants to push mow two acres. But opinions vary on sticking to small lawns and getting bang for your buck, or jumping to a stand-on that can go in a pickup and growing the business. To read about the latest mower introductions, don’t miss the Spring issue of Turf magazine.
  • Opinions on compact tractors.
    What about a true compact backhoe? Lots of praise of the B26 Kubota. John Deere, Ventrac and others also get positive mention. Look for more on construction equipment in the Summer issue of Turf.

    hardscape maintenance

    Photo by Bahler Brothers.

  • Raised dirt around a customer’s stepping stones. What happened?
    Mole, voles, skunks, gophers, frost heave, or snowblower damage? What do you think? For a comprehensive look at hardscape maintenance, don’t miss your free Spring edition of Turf. It includes an expert how-to and buyer’s guide from Randy Bianchi who heads the Hardscape Cleaning & Maintenance Division of Bahler Brothers in South Windsor, CT, and has completed roughly 775 hardscape maintenance jobs.