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    • Should you get back with an ex?
      When a client drops you, but then wants you back, what do you do? Landscapers weigh client location, setting clear guidelines, and most importantly, the “pita” factor. Read more here about taking on clients that fit your company and maximizing customer referrals.
    • I’ve made the investment in equipment, so how do I get more clients?
      Becoming a member of the chamber of commerce; partnering with a bigger firm, or fertilizer company, to refer work; every door direct mail (eddm); Facebook advertising; referrals from existing customers (the spider web effect); and networking with property managers all make the list. But the number one recommendation by far was building a Web site. For more on this, check out the digital marketing forum of LawnSite.
    • How much to charge for mulching? Per yard or hour?
      Most say generally $100/yard for delivery and install with edging, weeding, and fabric extra. But the real emphasis is on pricing the project to make it worth your time. Walk the property and consider terrain, location of beds, etc. For more on making mulching work for your business, visit here.
    • How many hours do you put on your mower per week?  When buying used, what’s the max hours of machine use you’ll accept? 
      Twenty-five hours a week? 15 hours a week? As to buying used, a lot of varied answers, mostly depending on grade of the mower. Some say as much as 2,000 hours for a commercial or hydro, while others say 1,600, 1,000, even 200. Also perspectives on bang for buck in terms of equipment investment over the long haul for a sound business strategy. Check out Turf’s coverage on new mower introductions in the Spring edition. Get your free copy here.
    • Business as usual or…..
      The Covid-19 situation is unprecedented and creating more questions than answers. Is your business essential or non-essential? How do you handle employee’s not coming to work? What if clients want to pause service? Find out what other landscapers are doing in this uncertain time.
  • Which Stihl blower to buy?
    Or perhaps the Shindaiwa 802? All agree that bigger is better. And can you trust the salesman? See Turf’s coverage of handheld equipment, including blowers, in the Spring edition. Web article coming soon or get your free print copy here.