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  • What gas card is best for employee use?
    Fleet cards that let you set fill limits, fuel type, times of day, and days of week –and can be monitored online? Bulk fuel on site, a gasoline certified transfer tank, doing fill-ups yourself, using cash, house accounts at a station, and more ideas are discussed. Read how Serpico Landscaping in CA stopped fraudulent fueling and reduced downtime with fuel delivery. Or to read how propane autogas can reduce costs, click here.
  • Thoughts on a second phone line?
    Line2, Google Voice, GoDaddy, VOIP services, and two lines on one phone. There’s a lot of options today for separating personal calls from professional ones.
  • Recommendations for using a shorter dump body on a larger frame.
    “Backpack” toolboxes, helpful pictures of configurations, and “death wobble” worries.
  • What’s the best way to weed rock beds?
    Consensus says hand weed with or without chemical use afterward. Or try a type of hoe that has everyone intrigued!
  • Spring seeding tips.
    Slit seeding, herbicides, fertilizers, irrigation, and managing expectations… the best methods for success when a client insists on spring seeding. For more of the latest news on pre-emergent herbicide applications, keep an eye out for an article by experts Dr. J.T. Brosnan and G.K. Breeden in the Spring edition of Turf. As leader of the new Weed Diagnostics Center in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Tennessee (UT), Brosnan and his colleague delve into climate curveballs, resistance, and other herbicide challenges they see in 2020. Make sure you get yours here.