People continue to desire more health and wellness in their everyday lives, particularly ways they can integrate more nature into their day-to-day activities. And garden trends for 2017 reflect that, according to Garden Media Group’s trends report. Here are three of the top trends the group expects to see this year.

Louisville Parklands

A total of 19 miles of the Louisville Loop run through The Parklands of Floyds Fork. Photo: The Parklands/John Nation/Quadrant

1. Forest Bathing

Considered by many to be the latest fitness trend in the U.S., forest bathing is the “medicine of being in the forest,” spending time in nature and awakening all of the senses. Forest bathing as a stress reducer is today where yoga was 30 years ago. Also, planting trees and shrubs for soundscaping, or increasing bird songs and buffering traffic noise, as well as providing shade (a.k.a. nature’s sunscreen) boost the health of the landscape and human health as well.

2. Tiny but growing.

As the U.S. population shifts focus from the suburbs to city living, gardening in smaller spaces increases. Smaller spaces require neatness, meaning large, overgrown plant material should be rejuvenated or removed. Prune, thin and divide plants to keep them tidy and have definite boundaries to create welldefined spaces. New varieties of dwarf plants, as well as container gardening, also continue to be in high demand.

3. Golden age.

Gold is now the “metal of the moment.” Metallic materials and textures have been trending in home décor for years, and 2017 shows them melting into the outdoors as well. When used outdoors, pops of gold warm spaces and create outdoor rooms. The reflective accent also helps move light around the garden. Plants like Katsura Japanese maple, carex, Rising Sun Redbud and Goldy arborvitae help add glitter to the garden.