If you’re looking to add to your equipment arsenal, take a look here.

Winter is just around the corner, and while you may think August is too early to start thinking about snow, the white stuff is on its way. From snowblowers to plows to de-icing materials, there’s something here to meet your needs.

Not all contractors handle snow and ice, but pest and disease issues are sure to be on your mind, and sprayers are one of the most effective tools to combat pests, weeds or growth problems.

Other important units to have are topdressers, spreaders and seeders. Whether you are looking to fertilize or seed, this equipment is an important piece to have in your arsenal. Take a look at what these manufacturers have to offer so you can make the best buying decision for your company.

Snow & Ice Control Equipment and Products


Sectional Sno-Pusher offers the HD, LD and CD snow pusher models with a steel moldboard design made of 32-, 30- and 24-inch-wide individual sections, depending on the model. http://www.sectionalsnopusher.com

Buyers Products

The SnowDogg VMD Series medium-duty V-plow features a streamlined design and uses the same hydraulics and hinges of larger VX plow models. Designed for half-ton pickups and sport utility vehicles. http://www.snowdogg.com

Case Construction Equipment

The Snow Removal Package for the SR250 and SV300 skid steers includes high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, hydraulic self-leveling and Ride Control, an enclosed cab and heated seat and more. http://www.CASEce.com

Earthway Products

The F80S-H stainless steel chassis broadcast salt spreader and S25SS stainless steel chassis brine sprayer are ideal for sidewalk or parking lot applications and accurate for time and material savings. http://www.earthway.com

Hiniker Company

The Model 775 dual-motor electric auger spreader features a 5.75-inch-diameter auger delivery system, standard hopper capacity of 2 cubic yards, and is sized for use in a 6.5- or 8-foot pickup bed. http://www.hiniker.com


SuperMaxx II spreaders have 3.3-, 4.3- and 6-cubic-yard capacities and feature an enhanced material feed system where brine and salt are mixed before being delivered to the spinner. http://www.snowexproducts.com


The Boss Snowplow

The 14- and 16-foot LDR box plows feature an adjustable hitch fork system to attach to any size tractor loader bucket, self-adjusting wings, a segmented trip-edge design and 49-inch moldboard. http://www.bossplow.com

Chapin International

Chapin’s tow-behind sprayer with ground driven tube compression peristaltic pump is totally mechanical, and the flow-rate varies with your speed; when you stop, it stops. http://www.chapinmfg.com


The S25SS ground-driven push sprayer features a 6.6-gallon capacity and output volumes of .5 to 1.5 gallons per 1,000 square feet and ground engagement. http://www.earthway.com

L.T. Rich

The Z-Spray Spreader/Sprayer line is powered by a V-twin electric-start engine and features a 4.0 GPM, 12-volt pump; 89-gallon liquid capacity; and up to 300-pound granular capacity. http://www.z-spray.com

Turbo Technologies

Manufactures turf sprayers, tree sprayers and multi-tank sprayers with Honda engines. It is available in single-tank models from 50 to 1,000 gallons and custom multi-tank configurations. http://www.turboturf.com; http://www.turfsprayers.com

Wilger, Inc.

Flow View Ball Flow Indicators come in manifold and individual flow models to indicate flow to tips that aren’t visible. A wide range of inlet and outlet fittings are available. http://www.wilger.net

Topdressers, Spreaders & Seeders

Earthway Products

Models F80 and F130PS spreaders feature the Flex-Select system with interchangeable shut-off “tray” systems, which allows for three unique applications with one spreader. http://www.earthway.com


The Eco 200 handles compost, soil mix, pellets, sand and heavy bulk materials. It features a reverse-spin, dual-wheel broadcast system and 1/3-cubic-yeard hopper. http://www.ecolawnapplicator.com


The 2014 Triumph Spreader Sprayer features improved power steering technology, a dropdown handlebar system, two set ground speeds and fixed spray widths for instant recalibration. http://permagreen.com

Spyker Spreaders

The Spyker Power Seeder all-in-one vertical slicer, seeder and dethatcher is powered by a 270cc Honda engine and features forward and reverse hand grips to adjust speed without decreasing power. http://www.spyker.com

TurfMaker Corp.

TurfMaker hydroseeding equipment comes with hydraulic or mechanical drive systems; numerous gas/diesel engine options; multiple reel/hose options; 325- to 1,200-gallon sizes; and more. http://www.turfmaker.com