Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

The difference between soil amendments and fertilizers might be a bit confusing, but both are an important part of any lawn care program.

Fertilizers directly affect plant growth by improving the supply of nutrients in the soil, while soil amendments indirectly affect plant growth by improving the soil’s physical condition. Here, you can find some information on both right here in this month’s product focus.

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AmeriTurf/Green Industries

EPIC is a complete package of balanced nutrients to promote optimum plant health, featuring low-use rates of 1 to 3 gallons per acre. Multi-release point carbon sources ensures turf gets nutrients at the right time.


BioGreen USA

BioGreen products improve soil fertility, health and vigor to just about all types of grasses in all types of soils. BioGreen 201 ProTurf is becoming standard for turf professionals across the country.


Crystal Green by Ostara

Crystal Green nutrient technology supplies turf with plant-available phosphorus, plus nitrogen and magnesium, in one slow-release granule. It supplies a steady 160- to 200-day feed of nutrients.


Direct Solutions, a division of Agrium Advanced Technologies

Stay-N nitrogen management aid is available with granular fertilizer or as a liquid to add to spray tanks containing nitrogen. Available in a .5-gallon jug (treats 1 pallet of urea) or 275- gallon tote.



Premium Green 11-2-9 supplies quick-acting nitrogen and 8 percent iron to maintain a deep green color. Also contains humus and humic acids to help maintain conditioned and well-balanced soil.


Petro-Canada Lubricants

CIVITAS ONE delivers self-sustained turf that is able to protect itself from disease, insects and the elements. It premixes the synthetic iso-paraffin and harmonizer in a 2.5-gallon jug.


Soil Amendments

BioPro Technologies

Offers a new line of foliar applications containing CytoGro Root Hormone Biostimulant, as well as humic acids. Derived from seaweed extract, CytoGro is an EPA registered liquid biostimulant.


Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain moisture management technology effectively utilizes all available soil moisture to reduce watering frequency by up to 50 percent or more, and enhances nutrient and pesticide uptake.


EP Minerals, LLC

AXIS provides permanent porosity and absorbency, holds 142 percent of its weight in water, will not break down, even in the harsh winters, and being chemically inert, will not interfere with soil chemistry.



Gro-Power Plus is a humus-based soil conditioner/fertilizer consisting of plant-based humus and humic acids. Ideal for soil preparation, backfill planting and hydroseeding. Can be applied as a top appication.



TAZO turf and seed treatment has been scientifically proven to increase root mass, enhance stress resistance and enhance growth. Contains Azospirillum, bacteria that harvests nitrogen from the air and soil.


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