July 22-24, Harrisburg, Pa.

PA Green Expo’s initiation into the Pennsylvania Nursery Trade Show business began in 2005 in York, Pa. At that time, Gary Schoenly, show promoter, was asked to provide a wholesale trade show venue for landscape and nursery businesses in the state.

The following year, Department of Agriculture Secretary Wolffe invited PA Green Expo to relocate the Nursery & Landscape Wholesale Trade Show to the PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center.

Today, the PA Department of Ag continues to promote and support PA Green Expo’s efforts to produce a trade show that offers both businesses and visitors a “state-of-the-art experience” in one of the nation’s largest multiuse facilities.

Now entering its fourth year, PA Green Expo continues to successfully grow bringing together some of the best exhibitors, throughout the United States and Canada, to their customers in Pennsylvania and the surrounding mid-Eastern states.

Show Dates and Times

Location: PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, Harrisburg, Pa.
Tuesday, July 22  9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wednesday, July 23  9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Thursday, July 24  9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Public Auction  Thursday, July 24   2 p.m.

PA Green Expo offers exhibitors the opportunity to donate for auction live plant materials that are not return shipped to their companies. Some of these trees, plants, flowers and shrubs are absolutely beautiful and auctioned off at very reasonable rates to the general public.

In addition to live materials, other products such as pavers, stone, mulch, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and landscape and horticultural supplies are all auctioned off for charity. The proceeds from the auction are donated to a designated annual charity.

In 2006, over $10,000 was raised for the Penn State Arboretum. In 2007, the $11,000 raised was shared by The Future Farmers of America Organization for scholarships towards career development and interests in the nursery and landscape industries and the City of Harrisburg Beautification Project.

Educational Classes

Complimentary educational seminars will be held at the PA Green Expo Trade Show. They will run in conjunction with the trade show and located on the show floor. These seminars will cover topics important to garden centers, landscapers, nurserymen, greenhouse growers and turf professionals. CEUs will be available at qualifying talks.


Tim Abby: PSU Cooperative Extension, extension educator in horticulture
Title: “Protecting Pollinators in the Landscape”
Applied for: Pesticide Credits

The European honey bee is our most important pollinator. However, there are other insects, including some native bee species, that deserve our attention. This presentation will discuss the identification and conservation of these wonderful and valuable insects.

Patric Bey: Wachovia Securities LLC
Title: “Financial Issues and Answers for Business Owners”

This presentation will address some important issues facing owners of closely held businesses and ways to protect the business, as well as the owner’s family and key employees that rely on the business. This session will also address what can be done by owners to help themselves and their employees save for retirement and what strategies are available to prepare for the time when an owner may wish to decrease involvement in the business, or even transfer ownership to an employee, partner or family member.

Barry Draycott: Tech-Terra Organics, LLC (Booth # 826)
Title: “How to Use Soil Organic Matter (SOM) to Improve Plant Health”

Suzanne Wainwright-Evans: Bug­lady Consulting, ornamental entomologist
Title: “Scouting Crash Course”
Applied for: Pesticide Credits

Learn tips and tricks on how to find those pesky insects and mites faster, making scouting more efficient. Identification will also be covered.

Kristin Nemeth: The Conard-Pyle Co., new plants coordinator (Booth # 1119)
Title: “New Roses, Woodies and Perennials from The Conrad-Pyle Company”

Ready to learn about the newest rose introduction from the Conard-Pyle Company? Come hear Kristen talk about the new Sunny Knock Out Rose, the first yellow rose of the Knock Out Family. She will also be covering recent wood and perennial introductions.

Jen Batchelder: Hillside Nursery
Brian Kunkel, Ph.D.: University of Delaware, ornamentals IPM extension specialist
Applied for: Pesticide Credits

Cultural management of pest insects is improved by better understanding insect-plant interactions and how they influence pest populations. These interactions will be discussed in relation to efficacy of predators, parasitoids and entomopathogens. Some of the pests covered in the presentation include white grubs, bill bugs, cutworms and armyworms.

Ed Naughton: Senninger Irrigation, N.E. district manager (Booth # 523)
Title: “Nursery Irrigation Design”

Need to add irrigation to your field or container-grown nursery stock business? Need to improve your current system? Come learn about the benefits of uniformity and pressure regulation from an expert.

Jeff Gabric: Becker Underwood
Title: “Beneficial Nematodes-What Can They Do For You?”
Applied for: Pesticide Credits

Everyone is talking about greener pest management these days. Beneficial nematodes can be an excellent starting point. This talk will cover how to use these helpers in turf, landscape, nursery and greenhouse. It will also cover the pests they control.

Curt Ceresini: TMStoves, project manager
Title: “Alternative Fuels Facts & Fiction-Making the Most Heat for Your Buck!”

With the high cost of fuels, many are looking to alternate fuel sources for their businesses. Come learn what the pros and cons are of these new alternatives, as well as the best ways to use them safely.

Exhibitor List

Company Booth Number
A.D.R. Bulbs, Inc. 917
AgMap Penn State University 626
All About Groundcover 507
A&M Composting 915
A.M. Leonard, Inc. 129
Abraczinskas Nurseries, Inc. 530
Acer Acres, Inc. 403
Aggrand/Amsoil Dealer 310
Agri Analysis, Inc. & Pioneer Water Testing Lab., Inc. 422
Akerboom, J.G. Nurseries, Inc. 219
American Trees 412
Appalachian Nurseries 908
Architectural Stone 820
Arysta Life Science 924
As the Crow Flies 930, 932
A-V International 105
Ayers Supply, Inc. 425, 427, 429
Babikow Greenhouses 1219
Bag Processors, Inc. 813
Baker Lime 609
Baker, The Robert Companies 517, 519, 618
Bartlett J.P. Company, Inc. 321
Beaver Brook Nursery, LLC 408
Beco Equipment 515
Berger Peat Moss 616
Berkey’s Nursery 625
Binkley & Hurst LP 920
Binkley & Ober, Inc. 717
Bio-Fuel Technologies, LLC 911
Blew Line Nursery, Inc. 514
Blue Sterling Nursery 608
Bobbex, Inc. 533
Bosch’s Countryview Nursery 509
Botanico, Inc. 529
Bradstone 1337
Branch-Smith Publishing 423
Breezy Hill Nursery & Greenhouse 1419
Buddies Nursery 1018
Buglady Consulting 732
C & G Nursery 414, 416, 418
Capitol Pavers & Retaining Walls, Inc. 516, 518
Caretree Nursery Equipment 111
Casper’s Nurseries, LLC 922
Cavano’s Perennials, Inc. 437
Cedarwood Nursery 502, 504
Centerton Nursery, Inc. 506, 508, 510, 512
Chatelain’s Nursery, Inc. 103
Cherokee Mfg. 301
Cherry Springs Nursery 222, 224
Classic Groundcover, Inc. 532
Cline Church Nursery, Inc. 1420
Complete Aquatics 903, 905
Conard-Pyle Company, The 1119
Country Folks Grower 528
Country Lane Woodworking 1200, 1201, 1302
Country Products by Ennis Antiques 737
Cove Creek Nursery 935
Cutco Cutlery 536
D & R Nursery 308
Danner Mfg., Inc. 702, 704
David’s Nursery, LLP 119
Dayton Bag & Burlap 526
Deacon Equipment Co. 336
Dean’s Evergreens, Inc. 720
Deer Busters 706
Discoveries In Gardening 235
DJR Print It Stitch It 208
DPM 937-2
Dutchman Tree Spade (DPM) 937-1
E & E Trees, Inc. 210
Easy Lawn, Inc. 202
Eden Equipment 600
Ehrich & Ehrich Nursery 902
Esbenshades Greennhouses, Inc. 432
Everlasting Perennials 635
FaFard 810
Fertil USA N/A
Florida Pine Straw Supply Co. 836
Fourth Generation Nursery, Inc. 801, 803, 805
Freedom Tree Farms 916, 918
Frey Brothers, Inc. 431
Frey’s Evergreen Plantation 631
Geissler Tree Farms, Inc. 500
Godwin’s Nursery & Trees 107
Great Stuff by Paul-Antiques 925, 927, 929, 931
Greenleaf Nursery Co. 522
Greensboro Shrub Nursery 220
Growtastic 211
H & H Nursery 818
Hansen Nurseries 1215
Harrisburg Area Community College 715
Haston Farm Nursery 700
Heather Farms Nursery, Inc. 400
Hidden Valley Nursery, LLC 115, 117
High Lonesome Acres 203
Hill, J.C. Tree Farms, Inc. 300
Historyland Nursery, Inc. 319
Holland Nursery, Inc. 121, 123
Holmes Farm, Inc. 1100
Homestead Growers 819
Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits 629
Hot Pepper Wax 503
Huber Nurseries 1120
Innovations Unlimited, Inc. 125, 127
Iseli Nursery, Inc. 1319
Jackson & Perkins Wholesale, Inc. 314
Jericho Farms 615
Jobs in Horticulture 627
Johnson Farms, Inc. 316
Johnson-Higdon Nursery 620
Jonathan Green 323, 325
KCK Farms LLC 808
Kelleygreen Nursery 606
Kelly Wholesale Nurseries, Inc. 330
Kennedy Concrete 213, 215, 217
Kent Farms, Inc. 719-1
Kessel’s Nursery 200
King-Hughes Fasteners 424
Kube Pak Corp. 322
Kuhns Bros. Lumber Co., Inc. 807
Labor Co., LLC, The 236
Lancaster Farming 728
Landreth Seed Co., The D. 212
Layser’s Nursery, Inc. 1019
Libertystone Hardscaping Systems 1220
Liquid Fence Co. 318
Loegering Mfg., Inc. 636
Loew’s Nursery LLC 332
Lowry and Co., Inc. 320
Ludy Greenhouse Mfg. Corp. 401
MacKenzie Nursery Supply, Inc. 800
Manor View Farm, Inc. 621, 623
Marco Products Corp. 520
Marjac Nursery, Inc. 537
Maryland Aquatic Nursery 312
Maryland Plants & Supplies, Inc. 311, 313
McHutchison Horticultural Dist. 420
Merritts Gifts and Furniture 1301, 1303, 1402, 1404
Messick Equipment 617, 619,718
MGS Trailer 1000, 1001, 1102
Michell, Henry F. Co. 825
Midatlantic Machinery, Inc. 137
Modlin, Ralph Farm 734
Moorestown Gardens Corp. 822, 824
Mountain Products LLC 302
Mountain View Perennials, LLC 936
Murphy John’s, Inc. 1320, 1321, 1422
Native Evergreen, Inc. 735
New Holland Concrete 328
Newton, O.A. 602
Nonesuch Nursery 809, 811
North Carolina Christmas Tree Association 723
North Carolina Department of Agriculture 410
North Carolina Pine Needle Producers Assoc. 405
Northern Nurseries, Inc. 815, 817
Nursery News/The Nursery Book 214
NYP Corp. 501
Oak Brook Farms, Inc. 837
Oesco, Inc. 708, 710
One Sun Nursery 324, 326
Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture 525
Pak Unlimited, Inc. 821
Patapsco Valley Sales & Supply Co., Inc. 237
Pennsylvania College of Technology 333
Pennsylvania Perlite Corp. 233
Perennial Farm, The 921, 923
Perma-Column East, LLC 714
Phillips & Turman Tree Farms 227
Phyto Ecology 919
Pikes Peak Nurseries 100
Pioneer Pole Buildings, Inc. 135
Plant & Supply Locator 935
Plantworks Nursery 605, 607
Potts Nurseries LLC 206
Prichard’s Nursery Equip. LLC 719-2
Proctor Brothers Nursery 900
ProLine Div. 135
Quick Start Liners 226, 228, 230
Reliable Source 711
Robinson Nursery, Inc. 231
Rohrer Seeds 426, 428, 430
Rootmaker Products Company, LLC 404, 406
Saunders Brothers, Inc. 221, 223, 225
Schaefer, K.C. Supply Co., Inc. 216, 218
Schafer Liquid Fish Fertilizer 802
Schott Nurseries, LLC 722, 724
Senninger Irrigation, Inc. 523
Shady Grove Nursery Plantation & Nursery, Inc. 524
Shady Valley Nursery 229
Shemin Nurseries, Inc. 709
Sherman Nursery Company 610
Showers Tree Farm 712
Showraker’s Quality Evergreens 826
Shreckhise Nurseries 419
Siebring Mfg., Inc. 907, 909
Simple Pleasures Flowers & Perennials, Inc. 205
Simpos! Software 306
Speakman Nurseries, Inc. 603
Specialty Tag & Label, Inc. 713
Sporting Valley Turf Farms, Inc. 204
Spring Valley Greenhouse, Inc. 726
Stoney Acres Nursery 1025
Strathmeyer Forests, Inc. 411, 413
Stuppy Greenhouse Mfg., Inc. 531
Sun Gro Horticulture 910
Tankard Nurseries 914
Tech Terra Organics 828
Techo-Bloc 716
The Mid-Atlantic Grower Newspaper 534
Therm-O-Rock East, Inc. 1504-1518
Tidwell Nurseries, Inc. 521
TM Stoves 904, 906
Tree Equipment Design 415, 417
Tree by T-Mate-O 201
Tree-Teck, Inc. 303, 305
Turbo Technologies, Inc. 624
Turf Teq 511, 513, 612, 614
Uhland, Howard H., Inc. 1020
U.S. Recycled Wood Products, Inc. 434
USDA, NASS-PA Field Office 913
Van Bloem Gardens 637
Vans Pines Nursery, Inc. 823
Vermeulen, John & Son, Inc. 912
Virginia Berry Farm 402
WD Stoves 334
W.H. Milikowski, Inc. 933
W.W. Mfg. Co., Inc./King of Spades 733
Wagoner’s Nursery LLC 831, 833
Walker’s Tree Farm 304
Watsoon Irrigation & Contractor Supply, Inc. 701
Waynesboro Nurseries, Inc. 622
Weaverline LLC 315, 317
Wellmaster Carts 120
Whalen’s Greenhouses 535
Wicklein’s Water Gardens 604
Willoway Nurseries 131, 133, 232, 234
Wilson’s Country Creations 002
Wolbert & Master, Inc. 1206, 1208
Wood Trellis Designs 207, 209
Wooden Apple Sign Makers 800
Woodhouse, J.S. Company, Inc. 307, 309
Wright, John Company 721
Young American Growers 736
Zeager Bros., Inc. 725
Zook’s Plastic Recovery 901