This past winter was certainly long and stormy, and most contractors are ready to forget about the long days and nights and endless events and move on to spring cleanups and the upcoming lawn care and landscaping season. However, now is the best time to take a look at your equipment arsenal and get ready for next winter. Whether you are looking to upgrade your fleet, replace some old equipment or add some new pieces, we have it here!

Avant Tecno USA

The Avant Two-Stage snowblower is available in 48- or 60-inch widths and is compatible with all Avant models. The blower, paired with a rear-attaching salt spreader, provides a one-pass approach.


Berco 66- and 72-inch Vantage snowblowers are ideal for residential to semi-commercial applications. Each model is equipped with its own engine and features electric controls.


The SPEEDWING blade thinks for itself with wings that automatically angle forward or back, based on blade position. It is a multi-position snowplow that’s as easy to use as a straight-blade.

Bobcat Co.

The Bobcat snowblower attachment features chute rotation achieved by a chain and sprocket system, and deflector adjusts up or down so chute points and throws snow in any direction.

Buyers Products

The SnowDogg VMD Series medium-duty V-plow features a stainless steel, corrosion-free moldboard, a 70-degree attack angle, and provides a 35-degree vertical travel for snow stacking.


Crysteel’s Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreader is available with a 6- or 9-inch auger, and features a full opening bottom trough hinged on the body side for easy accessibility and clean out.


The Sidewinder Jr. dump body is designed for medium-duty truck applications and delivers salt/sand to the front of the truck’s tires through a conveyor system for added traction.


The Flex-Select Series adds 80- and 130-pound hopper sizes and three broadcast application configurations to its lineup. Easily interchangeable shut-off trays easily convert for different materials.

Fisher Engineering

The FISHER XLS Expandable Length Snow Plow features the ability to expand from 8 to 10 feet wide, and then angle the wings to an 8-foot-10-inch scoop for windrowing.

Flame Engineering

The Red Dragon Torch melts the thin layer of snow and ice left behind after sidewalks are cleared, and displaces moisture by sweeping it out of the way. Will not damage sidewalks or pavers.


The C-Plow is available in 8- and 9-foot widths, has a high-clearance split trip-edge, and employs the Quick-Hitch system, a drive-in mounting system for one-lever attachment of the plow to the truck.

Kage Innovation

The Kage SnowFire system combines an angle plow and snow pusher into one unit. Ideal for skid steers starting at 5,000 pounds.


The F 90 Series can manage snow-covered icy grounds with rotary broom, hydraulic angle blade or snowblower with hydraulic chute rotator (optional electric chute deflector available) attachments.

Land Pride

The SSP15 and SSP25 Snow Pushers come in three sizes to fit skid steers or tractor loaders. All models come with AR400 skid shoes that are adjustable, reversible and replaceable.


I-Series snowblowers are available in 9- and 10-foot widths and offer a two-stage design with 16-inch-diameter augers and extra-large, 36-inch-diameter fans. Engineered for large tractors with tall tires.

M-B Companies

M-B’s high-capacity snowblower features a hydraulically-driven serrated ribbon auger; 72- 84- or 96-inch clearing width with 36-inch intake height; and is available with truck loading chute.

Meyer Products

The Meyer Crossfire spreader is available with 6- or 8-foot length beds and comes in two models: standard or DLX with integrated pre-wet system. Ideal for 3/4- to 1-ton pickups.

Occidental Chemical Corp.

PELADOW Premier Snow & Ice Melter works fast in temperatures down to minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon contact with snow and ice, it releases heat, which speeds up the melting process.


The Steel Edge IST Sno Pusher features 2-foot steel cutting edge sections, 6-inch cutting edge and sideplate design. Available in loader, backhoe and skid steer models.


The SnowEx SS-4000 features a 16-inch-diameter floating pivotal broom head with five angle settings, infinitely adjustable brush speed and adjustable down pressure. Also comes with a plow unit.

Sno-Way International

The Poly Dual Electric V-BoxSpreaders use a heavy duty .5 hpelectric motor, direct drive gear boxto run the auger and a 1/3 hp electricmotor, direct drive gear box torun the spinner.

The BOSS Snowplow

Featuring a dual-trip design, the8-foot-2-inch and 9-foot-2-inchpoly, steel and stainless steel DXTPlows providing maximum plowand vehicle impact protection in amulti-position plow.

Turf Teq

The Power Broom is ideal forsnow from 2 to 4 inches deep.Brush pressure, speed and pivotangle (left/right) are adjustablefrom operator’s position. Featuresforward/reverse and a 13 hpHonda engine.


The Ventrac 3400 snow package includes a two-stage commercial-grade Snow Blower, V-Blade and Power Angle Blade, and optional Broom attachment is ideal for sidewalks. Perfect for small lots.

Western Products

The MVP 3 now comes in stainless steel, as well as powdercoat and poly models. Lock the wings together for one-touch straight-blade operation and clean backdragging with standard double-acting cylinders.

Wicked Bilt

Offers fully hydraulic UTV/SXS and ATV snowplow kits that come complete with plows, electric power steering, HD rack & pinions and more. Blades come in 60- and 72-inch widths.

W N Miller Co., Inc.

Everblades heated windshield wipers prevent snow and ice build up and offer better vision, as well as improved safety and productivity.

The June issue will feature aerators and turf cultivators.