From the challenges of mowing wet grass to the best equipment for leaf season, here are some questions from the landscape professionals on LawnSite forums this past week.


  • A LawnSite Member from Harker Heights, TX is dealing with frequent rains, hates mowing wet grass, but wonders if he’s being too cautious. How do you gauge whether grass is too wet to mow? Share your thoughts…



  • A LawnSite Gold Member wants to know how much revenue two employees in a truck should be generating. How do you handle it if one of them calls out sick? Share your thoughts…



  • A LawnSite Member is looking for opinions and feedback on mowing equipment he’s planning to buy in the next couple of months. Is a walk behind mower or a stand on mower the best choice for his budget? Any other suggestions? Share your thoughts…



  • A LawnSite Bronze Member from Massachusetts is dealing with a very wet season that has caused problems with his slice seeder. He wants to know if other landscape pros use top dressing on top of seed? If so, how deep do you run the seeder before the seed is actually too deep? Share your thoughts…



  • A LawnSite Member from Prairie Village, KS just hired his first employee and is getting ready for a busy leaf season. Does he need a gate mounted leaf vacuum? Share your thoughts…


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