Here are some popular landscaping and lawn care topics posted on the LawnSite forums this past week. Click on the links below and join fellow landscape professionals for the discussion!


  • A young, new-to-the-industry landscape professional from the Washington, DC area is having some growing pains and is looking for advice from more experienced professionals about evolving into a two-man operation, what size pickup truck to use, hours of operation, and more. Share your thoughts…

  • A LawnSite member has mixed thoughts on allowing his employees to use their cellphones while riding in the truck between jobs. Share your thoughts… 


  • A LawnSite member from Niagara, NY predicts that 2018 will be a drought year like 2016, based on easy cuts and his customers’ focus on their irrigation systems. What level of rainfall have you experienced in your region? Is it above or below normal, and how has that impacted your business?  Share your thoughts… 


  • A landscape professional from Kalamazoo, MI has a “slightly odd” question about what size dump trailer to purchase. Share your thoughts… 

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