Burchland Mfg.

The SCX Straw Crimper installs straw for erosion control. Works around rocks, roots, stumps and sidewalks with discs that pivot independently.

Conwed Global Netting Solutions

Conwed’s plastic netting, made with Ecocycle Technology, degrades without direct sunlight. Use in conjunction with erosion control blankets.

Earth Chem

Earth Chem offers polymers for erosion control, sediment removal and water conservation. Soil stabilizers include EarthBound and SOILPAM.


EFS sells solutions and services in the erosion control sector, from commercial drainage projects to geotextile fabric installation.

Ernst Conservation Seeds

Bioengineering materials, a variety of seed mixes and containerized woody species to meet stream bank stabilization and erosion control needs.

FINN Corp.

The T-30 Hydro Seeder, powered by a 15 hp, Kohler Command gas engine, features a steel tank with 335-gallon liquid capacity and paddle agitator.

Gator Guard Env. Products

Gator Guard’s sediment-control wattles are reusable and survive tires and tracks. A 6-inch-by-25-foot wattle weighs 8 pounds, including the capnails.

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

The Compac Hewnstone unit features a rough-cut, natural stone look with an open-core design and high-strength pin connection system.


Offering a range of gabions, Reno mattresses, and soil reinforcement and erosion control products that are field proven.

MulchGard Int’l

MulchGard Professional Mulch Binder is a liquid bonding agent that binds mulch to form a cohesive, flexible blanket resistant to wind and erosion.

Pennington Seed

Slopemaster seed mixture is designed for erosion control where rapid establishment is necessary. Also available, hydro mulches and tackifiers.

PermaTURF, Inc.

PermaTURF porous and inter-locking pavers for ground reinforcement, drainage and erosion control. Load-bearing capacity is over 500 tons per square meter.

Phase II Stormwater Products

Microbial FilterMitts contain a compost blend within a bio-degradable fabric enclosure. EarthBlankets improve the soil and aid in establishing vegetation.

Pik Rite

Eden hydroseeding equipment features mechanical agitation. Available in various sizes in self-contained or truck-mounted models.

Profile Products

Flexterra FGM combines chemical and mechanical bonding techniques to lock the engineered medium in place. Ideal for environmentally sensitive sites.

Redi-Rock Int’l

Retaining wall systems that can be built high, without using geo-grid or tiebacks. Choose from a variety of materials and styles.

Turbo Technologies

Pull-type hydroseeding systems in sizes ranging from 300 to 1,000 gallons. Coompact, double-axle design for maneuverability and accessibility.

TurfMaker Corp.

Every TurfMaker has mechanical agitation, a positive displacement pump, a clear water hose flushing system and pumping power for up to 500 feet of hose.

Watersaver Co.

Offers a complete line of erosion control blankets, hydraulic mulches, soil amendments, straw wattles, silt fence and more for your next project.