Bob Stevens applied Fluid Film to all of his snow equipment, including snowplows, blowers and shovels. After several wet heavy snows back to back, he noticed a big difference with the snow not sticking to the equipment.

How many of you haven’t bloodied a knuckle trying to free a rusted nut? Had to turn off your mower to dig clippings from beneath the deck? Read on.

Fluid Film has been around since the 1940s when a West Coast chemist invented a product using lanolin (wool wax) that helped the U.S. Navy battle rust and corrosion in the ballast tanks of its combat and support vessels in World War II. Eureka Chemical Company, South San Francisco, Calif., is still making Fluid Film as users (landscapers included) continue to find new uses for it, and not just as a rust inhibitor and preventive. That’s what this month’s Turf’s field testers report, from all four regions. To learn more about the product, which is available in sizes ranging from an aerosol can to a 55-gallon drum, visit

Dustin Adams, D&D Maintenance & Landscape, Loveland, Colo.

I sprayed it on my hedge trimmer and trimmed about 200-plus bushes and big grasses between two lawns. It never gummed up or started sticking; it protected the blades really well.

It seems to help with the wet grass sticking under the deck of my mower. It actually works really well on just about everything. I put some on an old mower blade that I had wire brushed down to bare metal on both sides. I sprayed one side with the Fluid Film and the other side with WD-40. Each side got one week outside. The WD-40 washed off with the rain and the Fluid Film did not wash off.

I think that this product is a really well-balanced product that has lots of uses and it is also fairly priced. I will be adding this to my product line. I am wandering around my garage seeing what other uses I can find for it.

David Precht first tried Fluid Film on the hitch ball from his truck and trailer to eliminate the creaking and moaning from backing up or slow turn, and it worked great.

Bob Stevens, A Plus Lawn Care, Frankfort, Ind.

After receiving my Fluid Film, I applied it to all my snow equipment. The spray bubbled up and coated very well. We applied it to snowplows, blowers and shovels. We had several wet heavy snows back to back; we noticed a big difference in the snow not sticking, and a lack of ice buildup. Even after a few snow events without reapplying, we could see a difference. I installed a new plow during this field test, and we coated all parts at assembly. After our last snow we washed everything and gave it a good coat of Fluid Film. I know next season when we get the snow removal equipment out it will be well-protected.

David Precht, Frontier Lawn & Landscape, North Port, Fla.

We tested the Fluid Film on several things around the shop after we got the sample in the mail. We first decided to try it on the hitch ball from the truck and trailer to eliminate the creaking and moaning from backing up or slow turns and it worked great. And, after 13 days, I just needed to spray a little more on it to replace what was worn off.

The second thing we tried it on was our 48-inch Scag zero-turn mower, since we were behind on blade sharpening by a month due to being swamped with landscape work and two sick kids with the flu. The blade bolts were seized on to the point the 18-volt impact driver would not even remove them. After spraying the Fluid Film on each bolt and letting it sit for an hour, they came right off with no problems. So while I was sharpening the blades I soaked the bolts in Fluid Film to eliminate any rust or sticking in the future.

After putting on the blades and locking those down, I decided to try it on the underside of the deck to stop clumping of grass on the bottom of the deck during heavy wet grass that was to happen that week with rain in the forecast. Once we were able to mow after the rain, the sprayed deck eliminated 90 percent of the grass clumps from grass deck buildup.

The other area we tested it on was just to spray it on all pivot points on the Scag to free up and lube any areas that may stick or bind up.

My opinion of this product is an A+, but it is messy like WD40 is if you don’t pay attention and get overspray on areas where you don’t want it.

Al Rodrigues, CSL Landscape Construction, Ludlow, Mass.

I used it on the inside of my hydroseeder and it helped out awesome. The slurry just rolls smoothly inside the hydroseeder and makes for very easy cleaning. I can’t wait to use it on my other ones.

It is extremely easy to use, especially with an air gun, but the aerosol can works great in tight spots. The way it repels water and protects metal has been great, especially inside my hydroseeder and outside for easy cleaning. I just purchased a whole case.

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