Front-mount mowers are great for complex mowing jobs, as the decks can reduce trimming by reaching under shrubs and fences, and they feature fast speeds to save time. With the deck out front, it’s also easy to mow along fences, close to trees and under bushes, and cut into corners and over edges. Plus, they are zero-turn mowers and share a tight turning radius, like their counterparts, zero-turn riding mowers. Tim Cromley, marketing manager at Walker Mowers, describes three advantages of using a front-mount mower versus a mid-mount unit.

“1. Balance and Low Center of Gravity: Because of the position of the deck (not under the seat), the seat position can be lower and that helps the overall balance and performance of the tractor. Balance is a key when working on finished terrain so the grass is not damaged, and it also lends itself to actually allowing a deck to float and mow contoured terrain nicely.

“2. Tilt-Up Deck: The out-front position of the deck makes tilt-up decks possible … A simple truth with all mowers is that at some point, the blades are going to need to come off for sharpening, and the underside of the deck is going to need to be cleaned.

“3. Versatility: Because of the out-front position, the deck can easily be removed and an implement can be installed. This allows a tractor to be used all year long, and it makes the purchase of an out-front mower a much more reasonable investment (potential to make money all year long).”

Cost is most likely a factor for contractors these days, and out-front mowers are more expensive to purchase. However, Cromley says, “It does cost more to produce an out-front mower than a mid-mount, but the benefits and performance of an out-front are much greater.”


FrontMount MaxTorque 721DT

  • Engine: 21 hp Kubota diesel
  • Trans.: T-Drive hydrostatic
  • Cut Width: 52 or 61 inches
  • Feature: Fuel-efficient; full line of implements


Rapid XZ

  • Engine: 30 hp Kohler Command
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • Cut Width: 60 inches
  • Feature: X-Factor 7-gauge welded steel deck

John Deere


  • Engine: 31 hp Yanmar diesel
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • Cut Width: 60 or 72 inches
  • Feature: Forward speeds up to 12 mph


F Series

  • Engine: 25.5, 30 or 36 hp
  • Trans.: HST
  • Cut Width: 60 or 72 inches
  • Feature: 12.5 mph forward travel speed


430 Max

  • Engine: 21 to 33 hp
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • Cut Width: Up to 72 inches
  • Feature: Various mower deck attachments


3223D with LK520 deck

  • Engine: 23.6 hp B&S Daihatsu
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • Cut Width: 52 inches
  • Feature: 15 cutting positions; rear discharge

Walker Mfg.

Super B Diesel

  • Engine: 23.6 hp Yanmar
  • Trans.: Hydro-Gear transaxles
  • Cut Width: 52, 60 or 74 inches
  • Feature: Tilt-up deck and body

Zipper Mowers

Industrial F Series & Professional F Series

  • Engine: 20 to 28 hp Kawasaki
  • Trans.: Hydro-Gear
  • Cut Width: 44 to 74 inches
  • Feature: Gas or EnviroGard propane engines


Accelerator Industries

Side-mount aluminum grass catchers are lightweight and easy to use. They won’t tear or rust and come with packing capacities from 3.3 to 11 cubic feet.


The DriftBuster snow thrower features a high-speed auger, heavy-duty scraper blades and 180-degree discharge spout that can throw snow up to 30 feet away.


The Tine Rake Dethatcher removes embedded thatch and leaves while mowing. It has flexible tines for turning while dethatching and comes in 36, 46 and 60-inch widths.


The 100EFD for the John Deere 1565 delivers a 100-inch wide cut with the accuracy of five 21-inch push mowers. Safely trim close to ponds and other obstacles.

Mibar Products

The broadcast spreader features a 2.2-cubic-foot capacity, polyethylene hopper, steel frame with black powder-coat finish and stainless steel deflector shields.


The sprayer/spreader has specially designed aerodynamic shields that help control drift by keeping chemicals within the spray chamber. Spray up to 5.5 acres per tank.


The Pro 720 sweeper is built with a 72-inch long main frame. It contains no moving parts, eliminating cleaning and lubrication of sprockets and bearings.

W.E. Chapps

The Mini Econo Bag provides a place to put trash, debris, drinks, supplies and more. Coated mesh is durable and weather-resistant. Hook and loop closure.

Wright Mfg.

The Turbo 10 is a high-capacity grass catching system. The curved front directs grass to the back of the catcher, keeping it from clogging the mower.

Next month will feature Product Focuses on Trimmers, Edgers and Backpack Blowers.