Little things make all the difference. Whether it’s that clean look along a flowerbed, the sparkle of a small lake fountain, an algae-free pond, a functional, attractive landscape wall or a well-thought-out lighting design, the finishing touches are what keep clients coming back.

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Forestry Suppliers

Reward aquatic and landscape herbicide with 37.3 percent diquat dibromide will not harm nontarget vegetation, fish or wildlife. It controls bladderwort, coontail, elodea, naiad, pondweeds, water milfoils, hydrilla, water lettuce, water hyacinth, pennywort, frog’s-bit, salvinia, duckweed, cattails and algae.

Kasco Marine

For over 40 years, Kasco Marine has offered products to improve water quality, including fountains, aerators, diffused aeration, circulators and beneficial pond bacteria. Fountains and aerators from .25 to 5 hp are available. Kasco’s products are ETL-approved to UL and CSA standards.


Tropical Shade products are specially formulated dyes used to enhance lakes, fountains and ponds with an attractive natural color. They are available in four environmentally safe, nontoxic, biodegradable colors: Tropical Blue, Tropical Blue/Green, Tropical Blue/Black and Tropical Black.


Nautilus Weighted Aeration tubingoffers trouble-free delivery ofair to ponds, lagoons or lake bedsfrom aeration systems. Nautilussinks to the bottom withoutadditional weights, offering easyinstallation and no maintenance.It is made from black polyvinylchloride and packaged in coilsor reels.

Little Beaver

The Kwik-Trench cuts up to 30 feet per minute and trenches 1 to 4-inch widths up to a depth of 12 inches. It can be used for sprinklers, edging, surface root pruning, low-voltage lighting, dog fence and drainage lines. The unit does little or no damage to pre-existing lawns.

Mobile Mulch Systems

Mobile Mulch Systems provide on-site reconditioning of color-enhanced mulch. Landmark Ultra Concentrate Colorants handle the harsh requirements of coloring dusty mulch. Infusionator technology moves mulch in a controlled manner while infusing colorant into the wood’s pores on all sides.


Offers a Driveway Liner Package for use with the Bengal TG1000 Curb Machine. It produces Belgium block, driveway skirts and inlaid stone surfaces for walkways, patios and driveways. The Bengal has up to 25 distinct molds and attachments and can extrude 24-inch walkways.

Anchor Wall Systems

Develops durable, easy-to-install retaining and freestanding wall systems, including Highland Stone, Natural Impressions and Aspen Stone.

Applied Biochemists

Bacti-Klear aquatic microbial blend contains muck-digesting enzymes to help reduce odor-causing organic matter. Available in liquid and pellet forms.

Atlantic Water Gardens

Colorfalls lighted falls provide a maintenance-free water feature for hardscape projects. Consists of a Colorfalls basin and LED-lighted weir.

Becker Underwood

Lake Colorant WSP comes in packets, creates natural-appearing blue water for lakes, ponds and large fountains and will not discolor other surfaces.

BioPro Technologies

The Aqua-T product line includes a blue dye and dry and liquid blends of naturally occurring bacteria that clean ponds by digesting organic wastes.

BioSafe Systems

Pond02+ promotes healthy levels of dissolved oxygen and bacteria, prevents algae blooms and reduces organic matter and sludge.

Century Products

Root Barriers are mechanical barriers that redirect tree root growth downward, eliminating surface rooting that damages hardscapes and creates hazards.


Steel landscape edging is available in green, brown or black powder-coat finishes, 14-gauge to .25-inch thicknesses and 4 to 6-inch heights.


Contech offers site solutions including bridges, retaining walls, soil stabilization and stormwater, sanitary and drainage systems.

Deep Root Partners

The Silva Cell is a modular, integrated tree and stormwater system for containing unlimited amounts of soil while supporting traffic loads.

EP Aeration

The E-P LK-2006 lake aeration system uses a single or dual air compressor and bottom-laid, fine-bubble aeration tubing with Laminar Flow Technology.

Focus Industries

The Ledge Light with stamped aluminum, brass, copper or stainless steel cover features a 10,000-hour, 10-watt Xenon bulb and optional color lenses.


StoneWall SELECT retaining wall systems have a random pattern, which does not require cutting when making curves.


The Compac Hewnstone unit has a natural stone look created with Sculpterra Technology, with an open core design and high-strength pin connection.

Lake Fountains & Aeration

The LF20003TP fountain is available with an optional lighting package and comes with a complete power control panel and 150 feet of cable.

Niche Product Sales

The Max Dumper motorized wheelbarrow is powered by a Honda engine and can carry loads up to 800 pounds and climb a 30-degree slope.


Lake Relief improves water clarity, reduces odors and restores natural balance to the ecosystem. Contains a proprietary blend of microbes.

Otterbine Barebo

Offers 10 patterns in its aerating fountain line, including Equinox, which produces spray dimensions up to 20 feet tall and 72 feet wide.

Pave Tech

Hardscape Outfitters is a direct-buy program for dealers for all Pave Tech products, including Pave Edge/Brickhold, Paver Brights and more.

Pine Hall Brick

RainPave and StormPave permeable clay pavers allow rainwater to filter down through a specially constructed paving system and dissipate into soil.

Power Barrow

Four-wheel drive wheelbarrows are powered by Honda engines and come in four models, including the Brutus, which can carry up to 750 pounds.

Reef Industries

Permalon pond liners are made of alloyed HDPE to resist punctures and tears and have a high tensile-strength-to-weight ratio.

Scott Aerator

The North Star fountain aerator helps to keep water clean while simultaneously providing beauty and healthy aeration.


The HT 101 telescoping pole pruner is powered by a low-emission engine. Its shaft adjusts from 7 feet 6 inches to 11 feet 6 inches.

Sure-loc Edging

Manufactures a complete line of professional-grade landscape edging, including aluminum and steel edging and aluminum and plastic paver restraints.


Textraw is a synthetic pine straw made from postconsumer plastic. Used by commercial and residential developers.

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