Riding mowers are considered one of the most essential pieces of equipment in the lawn care industry. Check out the latest models here, along with the attachments available to turn your riding mower into a total lawn care system.

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• Engine: 19-27 hp Kawasaki, 26 hp B&S, 27 hp Kohler
• Trans.: Dual hydrostatic
• Cut Width: 52 or 61 inches
• Feature: Larger control levers and thicker cushion grips provide more comfort and less vibration. Height-of-cut ranges from 1.5 to 5 inches. With adjustable dampeners, Versa-FLO adjustable deck opening and anti-scalp rollers.

Cub Cadet

Tank S
• Engine: 31 to 37 hp
• Trans.: Dual Hydro-Gear pumps/White wheel motors
• Cut Width: 60 or 72 inches
• Feature: Offers intuitive, car-like controls with a fully adjustable steering wheel, power steering and forward and reverse foot pedals. Also features fully functional front casters, Select Cut System deck and hydraulic deck lift.

Dixie Chopper

• Engine: 33 hp Generac, 40 hp Kohler, 35 hp Yanmar
• Trans.: Quad Loop hydraulic drive
• Cut Width: 56, 66 or 74 inches
• Feature: Features enhanced deck overlap for superior cut quality, operator-controlled discharge chute, electric deck engagement, deck height indicator, hour meter, hydraulic oil cooler and flip-up floor pan.


IS 500Z
• Engine: 26 hp B&S
• Trans.: Hydro-Gear pumps and wheel motors
• Cut Width: 61 inches
• Feature: Patented suspension technology provides increased speed, comfort and productivity. Ergonomic control panels feature a cup holder, storage compartment and fuel gauges for convenience.

Bad Boy

Lightning Z
• Engine: 26 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Dual hydrostatic
• Cut Width: 60 inches
• Feature: Six anti-scalp rollers

Country Clipper

BOSS SR-1205
• Engine: 37 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Hydro-Gear pumps, wheel motors
• Cut Width: 60 or 72 inches
• Feature: Stand-up deck for cleaning/maintenance

Encore Power Equip.

FuZion FC
• Engine: 17 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Hydro-Gear ZT-2800
• Cut Width: 48 inches
• Feature: Electric height adjustment


• Engine: 25, 27 or 31 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Twin EverCool hydrostatic drives
• Cut Width: 54, 60 or 66 inches
• Feature: EverFlow Tunnel Deck


Next Lazer Z
• Engine: 23 to 34 hp Kawasaki or Kohler
• Trans.: Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems
• Cut Width: 48, 52, 60 or 72 inches
• Feature: Seating system with 3-D motion isolation layout


FrontMount 729BT & 735BT
• Engine: 29 and 35 hp Vanguard Big Block
• Trans.: T-Drive
• Cut Width: 48, 52 or 61 inches
• Feature: The AntiVibe Power Platform isolates the engine and T-Drive system from the operator platform. The View-Eze console groups indicators and switches in easy reach. Equipped with the Ultimate Operator Station.

Harper Industries

• Engine: 30 hp
• Trans.: Hydrostatic
• Cut Width: 72 inches
• Feature: The self-leveling system keeps the operator and controls vertical while mowing slopes up to 34 degrees, depending on conditions. Powered by a liquid-cooled diesel engine. The two halves of the deck float independently.


Bradley ZTR
• Engine: 23 hp B&S
• Trans.: Hydro-Gear ZT-2800
• Cut Width: 52 inches
• Feature: Offers a 7-gauge steel deck, sealed cast-iron spindles, three 18-inch blades, 1 to 8-inch cutting height, electric start, external spin-on filter and twin 4-gallon fuel tanks. It travels forward at 6 mph and in reverse at 4 mph.

Hustler Turf

FasTrak Super Duty
• Engine: 17, 19, 23 or 25 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: ZT-2800
• Cut Width: 36, 42, 48, 54 or 60 inches
• Feature: SmoothTrak steering features an automatic park brake system. Transmissions feature relief valve, charge pump and spin-on oil filter. Travels up to 9 mph. Options include a mulch kit, catcher and steering extension kit.


ZD221 & ZD323
• Engine: 21 and 23 hp Kubota
• Trans.: Shaft-driven hydrostatic
• Cut Width: 48, 54 or 60 inches
• Feature: Pro-Commercial decks feature flexible discharge chute, anti-overflow system and improved baffle design. Both models have cutting height options from 1 to 5 inches. Full-flat operator platform provides optimal comfort.

Land Pride

ZXT Pro Series
• Engine: Honda, Kawasaki, B&S
• Trans.: Dual hydrostatic
• Cut Width: 54 or 60 inches
• Feature: Has two independent hydraulic reservoirs, four anti-scalp rollers, and cutting height from 1 to 5 inches, adjustable in .25-inch increments. Also offers twin 6-gallon fuel tanks and rapid deck height adjustment.


100i XDZ Series
• Engine: 23, 24, 25 or 26 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Hydro-Gear transaxles
• Cut Width: 48, 52 or 60 inches
• Feature: X-Factor deck design

Great Dane

• Engine: 25 hp Kawasaki or 27 hp Kohler
• Trans.: Twin 12cc hydraulic pumps
• Cut Width: 52 or 61 inches
• Feature: Cushioned, full-suspension seat


• Engine: 23 hp Kohler
• Trans.: Pump and wheel motors
• Cut Width: 52 inches
• Feature: TUNNELRAM cutting deck


4000 & 4200 Series
• Engine: 18 to 23 hp Vanguard
• Trans.: Two-speed hydraulic
• Cut Width: 44, 48 or 60 inches
• Feature: Steel hood, fenders and footrest

John Deere

Z-Trak Pro 800 Series
• Engine: 22 to 31 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Hydraulic ground-drive
• Cut Width: 48 to 72 inches
• Feature: Foot-engaged parking brake


Z Master G3 74925
• Engine: 29 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Unitized pump and wheel motor
• Cut Width: 60 inches
• Feature: The Turbo Force deck is made of 7-gauge steel and has tough spindle assemblies. Custom seat design includes 3-D isolator mounts, thick foam padding and adjustable armrests. The height-of-cut system gives operators 1 to 5.5-inch cuts in .25-inch increments with easy-to-read settings.

Venture Products

Ventrac 3100 & 3200
• Engine: 21 hp B&S, 23.6 hp Vanguard
• Trans.: Hydrostatic
• Cut Width: 44, 52 or 60 inches
• Feature: Offers side and rear-discharge mower attachments, all-wheel drive, an articulating/oscillating frame, foot pedal and options including knobby tires, suspension seat, roll bar and tractor cab.


Super B EFI
• Engine: 27 hp Kohler Command
• Trans.: Dual Hydro-Gear integrated transaxles
• Cut Width: 60 inches
• Feature: Electronic fuel injection package offers easy starting, less maintenance and improved throttle response. Built-in, automotive-type diagnostics for easy troubleshooting. The mower body and deck both tilt up.


Stander ZK
• Engine: 27 or 31 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Hydro-Gear pumps and wheel motors
• Cut Width: 52 or 61 inches
• Feature: Offers a low center of gravity for hillside stability and shorter overall length for maneuverability. The operator can step off the spring-suspended, stand-on platform. The cut height adjusts from 1.5 to 5.5 inches.

New Holland

G5000 Series
• Engine: 27 or 31 hp
• Trans.: Dual 16cc pumps
• Cut Width: 54, 60 or 66 inches
• Feature: Twin 6-gallon fuel tanks

Rich Mfg.

Convertible Mower
• Engine: 25 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Hydro-Gear pumps and wheel motors
• Cut Width: 52 inches
• Feature: Converts to hydro walk-behind

Scag Power Equip.

Turf Tiger
• Engine: 27 or 31 hp Kohler; 27 or 29 hp Kawasaki
• Trans.: Dual Hydro-Gear pumps
• Cut Width: 52, 61 or 72 inches
• Feature: Ground speeds up to 12 mph

Snapper Pro

• Engine: 32 hp Vanguard Big Block
• Trans.: Dual hydrostatic
• Cut Width: 72 inches
• Feature: 10-gauge double-top deck


Accelerator Industries

Offers premium aluminum grass catchers that are light and durable and pack full without clogging. They come in capacities of 3.3, 4.15, 7.5, 6.2 and 11 cubic feet, and will fit brands including Ariens, John Deere, Cub Cadet, Grasshopper and more. Accessories include dust covers and extenders.


The M40ECM broadcast spreader has a 3,350-cubic-inch, rustproof hopper with 175-pound load-bearing capacity. The spread pattern adjusts from 4 to 25 feet. It also features a 12-volt motor; electronic, remotely operated shutoff system; and optional motor speed control.

Grass Packer

The Grass Packer is molded from polyethylene and has a steel-framed inlet. Specially designed vents allow optimal airflow and collection (between 3.5 and 4 bushels). It has a conical shape and can be angled up to 6 inches above the ground, reducing the possibility of scalping.

Humboldt Specialty

Humboldt rear grass catchers are available for several mower brands and in several models. They come with steel counterweights, different types of blowers, clear plastic hose with smooth inner lining, polyester fabric bag with tapered sides and low-profile, powder-coated bag support.


The Tine Rake Dethatcher will give a quick spring green-up by removing embedded thatch and leaves and combing up matted turfgrass while mowing. Flexible tines allow zero-turning while raking. Available in 36, 46 and 60-inch widths, it mounts to the JRCO mount bar with clevis pins.

Buffalo Turbine

The Cyclone PTO blower features a direct-drive gearbox; remote control nozzle; plastic-shielded, telescopic PTO shaft; and turf-saving rear roller.

Butler & Co.

The Vulcher 2 mulcher is available in remote control or manual models and can be installed on decks from 36 to 72 inches.


The AcrEase Pro60K wing mower can be pulled singly or in tandem, behind or to the side. The fully floating, low-profile, 60-inch deck makes it easy to mow around and under trees. It is powered by an 18 hp Kohler engine and has a large side discharge to provide a high-quality finish cut at high speeds.

MB Companies

The model MCT broom features a mechanical center drive that uses PTO power. Two 8-inch diameter swivel caster wheels assist the broom in following ground contour. It can be angled 30 degrees left or right through hydraulic control. Brush lift also provides oscillation to improve flotation.

Power Chute Design

The Power Chute is a powered, operator-controlled discharge chute that is manufactured to fit individual makes and models of mowers, including 14 major commercial brands. Each unit is controlled by a two-way foot switch or hand toggle. Made from high-tensile diamond plate.

Great Day

The Hi-Hitch allows mowers to tow small trailers. It is made of aircraft aluminum and accepts all conventional trailer hitch balls.

JT Washam Enterprises

The Quick Brush 1000 can be used to groom turf or brush in topdressing and can be removed and installed in 60 seconds after initial setup.


The Plugr Tow Pro is a 45-inch, self-contained aerator. Tines are driven into the soil by a 12 hp engine and the control panel is battery-powered. It can aerate up to 84,000 square feet per hour. It features offset capability and indicator lights that warn if speed is not optimal for quality aeration.


The Blade Blocker is an operator-controlled mower deck discharge baffle operating inside the discharge shield. Baffle can be opened and closed from the operator’s seat. It can be installed on zero-turn or standup riders and is made of .5-inch thick high-density polyethylene for durability.


TurfEx commercial-duty spreader attachments are available with 3, 7 or 12-cubic-foot capacity and all models have corrosion-proof polyethylene hoppers and cable-operated gates. Variable speed controllers are standard. Provides constant, even material flow and spreading pattern.

W.E. Chapps

The Deluxe Rider/Z-ROPS Cover provides full protection from the elements for the entire mower. Designed to fit all ROPS bars and tested for sustained highway speeds in an open trailer. It is fully adjustable, securing with elastic bungee around the base and metal D-rings for tie-downs.

Jungle Jim’s

The Mower Trimmer Rack stores a trimmer directly on a mower and has locking capabilities to prevent rattling and theft.


The EZTFM133 is a three-section shielded sprayer with a wind-resistant shield and curtain system. It can spray 5.5 acres per tank.


The GO 501 five-gang mower has a cutting width of 8.1 feet and can mow up to 4 acres per hour. It folds for storage and will not scalp turf.

Scag Power Equip.

The Clam Shell collection system has a 12-bushel, dump-from-the-seat hopper and a vertically mounted, all-steel, spindle-driven blower assembly.


Selbro’s blower attachment easily replaces the mower deck and discharges to the right and left. Several models are available.


TA1 and TA2 trailer-type rakes come in 4, 5 and 6-foot widths, can be angled to discharge material left or right and offer optional grader blade assemblies.