Snow & Ice Removal Products & Equipment


Many landscape contractors spend their winter months tackling snow removal, but the 2010-2011 snow season wasn’t kind to those contractors. Mike Simmon, marketing specialist at Grasshopper, says, “The winter of 2010-2011 was a record year for some snow removal contractors. After that winter, contractors increased purchases of snow equipment in the spring and summer of 2011, preparing for another winter of steady business. However, the winter of 2011-2012 proved to be a bust, with mild temperatures and below-average snow. As a result, many contractors have new equipment that did not see any action last winter.” That also means that dealers have an overflow as well, making this a buyer’s market. Rob Gilles, marketing manager at Bobcat, says, “What I think you will see is snow removal attachments being more readily available in stock, rather than a dealer having to place orders for customers.” So, if you have the means, now might be a good time to look into getting some new equipment.

Take a look here first, and you can also find additional information about the companies highlighted in blue by visiting their advertisements in this issue.


The compact Max-Twin snowblower has two large-diameter screw impellers that evacuate the snow without delay, eliminating snow accumulation in the machine.


MeltBuddy attaches to most snow throwers, allowing operators to clear snow and spread ice melt in a single pass. It has a hand trigger and large-capacity hopper.

B&H Mfg.

Schweiss tractor-mounted snow- blowers come in 8- and 9-foot widths, with double and triple auger options, and 540 and 1,000 RPM gearboxes.

Blizzard Snowplows

The Speedwing has wings that angle automatically. When angled for windrowing, the trailing wing folds back and the leading wing retains its forward position.


The front-mounted, 72-inch snowblower features .25-inch-thick steel end plates, .5-inch-thick replaceable steel cutting edge and 20-inch-diameter, six-blade fan.

Buyers Products

SnowDogg VMD Series medium-duty V-plows have a stainless steel moldboard, 70-degree attack angle and lift arm that provides 35 degrees of vertical travel.


H2 series compact wheel loaders can be equipped with a Sectional Snow Push with four, five or six sections. A self-leveling system keeps the side skids on the surface.

Chemical Containers

The 300-gallon LP deicing/anti-icing skid applicator has a boom for use on parking lots and roadways. It can also apply products on sidewalks or spray salt piles.


The extendable, reversible plow expands from 8 to 14 feet on the fly. Each section of the plow has its own independent compression springs on the trip mechanism.

Earth & Turf Products

Snowplows offer 30-degree angling left and right, protective spring trip that can be locked out for light grading, several mounting options and bolt-on, replaceable edges.

EarthWay Products

The 2130SS high-output push broadcast spreader is designed for applying high-volume or large-particle-size materials like rock salt and sand. All-stainless steel chassis.


The V-Blade adjusts to achieve straight, left/right, scoop or V-position. It is available in blade widths from 60 to 120 inches for skid steers and compact wheel loaders.

Fisher Engineering

The XtremeV V-plow features fast hydraulics, Minute Mount 2 on/off system, stainless or poly-coated steel, Intensifire lights and 7.5- to 9.5-foot sizes.

Flame Engineering

The GF-2011 multipurpose flamer is a five-burner unit that rolls easily where you want it. It works well for melting thin layers of ice off sidewalks and driveways.


The Deicing Boom can be plumbed into an existing skid sprayer and mounted into a 2-inch receiver hitch. It has a 12-volt solenoid valve and switch console.


Little Bully dozer blades operate straight ahead or 25 degrees left or right and can be raised and lowered with hand or foot controls. Options include hydraulic lift.

Ground Logic

Spreaders feature 120- and 220-pound spreading capacities and all-stainless construction. Machines can dispense granular salt as well as liquid brine solutions.

High Country Ice Solutions

Offers three models of liquid spray systems, with a 325-gallon version for 1-ton pickups and two 200-gallon versions for .75-ton trucks with short or long beds.


VF series trip-edge V-plows have deep-curl flared wings, double-acting hydraulic cylinders and quad halogen headlights. Available in 8.5- and 9.5-foot widths.


The HS928 Series includes wheel-driven and dual-track, self-propelled models, with a 28-inch clearing width, discharge distance up to 49 feet and manual or electric start.

International Salt

C-FORCE, heat-generating calcium chloride pellets and flakes, works in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees. It is available in 9-, 50- and 2,000-pound quantities.

John Deere

The 522E single-stage snow thrower features a four-cycle Briggs & Stratton Snow Series engine, 22-inch clearing width and auger-propelled drive system.

Kage Innovation

The SnowFire snowplow box system for skid steers allows operators to switch from angle plowing to snow pushing and back in seconds, without leaving the cab.

Kasco Mfg.

HERD spreaders come in three PTO-powered models that hold up to 20 cubic feet of material. The agitator system handles wet/dry sand, sand mixed with salt and more.

Land Pride

The 25 Series snowblower is available in an 84-inch width for tractors from 43 to 103 hp. It has an adjustable chute deflector and a 24-inch-diameter impeller.

Ledex Industries

The SSET-XX snow pusher for skid steers features a steel trip edge driven by powerful extension springs, is 30 inches tall and comes in 6-, 8- and 10-foot widths.


SnowLogix snowblowers include hydraulically driven skid steer models and PTO-driven tractor models to accommodate a wide variety of needs.

Meyer Products

The Path Pro is a full-trip plow available in 50- or 60-inch widths. It features a 65-degree attack angle and flared wings that scoop and funnel snow faster and farther.

Micro-Trak Systems

The RoadMaster offers four operating modes, selectable servo drive options, extensive downloadable data list, built-in alarm messages and emergency stop.

Morton Salt

A full line of professional-grade Ice Melters includes calcium chloride for colder temperatures, a melter that is safer for concrete surfaces and plants, and more.


Peladow (calcium chloride) works at temperatures as low as minus 25, and at 20 degrees it melts twice as much as rock salt and three times as much as magnesium chloride.

PK Products

The PK 100 spreader allows the operator to adjust the spread pattern without changing the application rate. It has a 100-pound-capacity, rustproof polypropylene hopper.


The low-profile angle plow is 30 inches high. The offset design allows up to 6 feet of reach under trailers. The 120-degree angle efficiently discharges snow.


Provides quality material applicators for any budget. Prizelawn spreaders can be used as salt spreaders in the winter and convert to fertilizer spreaders in the spring.


The geometry of buckets and snowblowers means dead stops when you hit obstacles. With a Snowalker mounting, they can move nonstop over obstacles, saving money.

Sno-Way International

The 26R is a plow for .5-ton trucks. It has a patented dual hinge system that allows operators to move twice as much snow as a conventional straight or V-plow.


The SnowEx SP-1875 Bulk Pro spreader offers a two-stage auger system, independent spinner/auger controller and a low-maintenance direct drive system.


The Steiner line of compact utility tractors uses over 20 quick-hitch attachments, including a snow thrower and a variety of blades, plows, scoops and sweepers.

Trackless Vehicles Ltd.

Front and rear-mounted attachments include 50- to 80-inch snowblowers, five-position folding V-plow, angle snowplows, rear sidewalk spreader and more.

Trecan Combustion Ltd.

The 135-PD snow melter has a guaranteed capacity of 135 tons per hour. Two 12 million Btu per hour burners can melt 334 to 675 cubic yards of snow per hour.


The electric TC-160 Under-Tailgate Spreader can spread more than 4 cubic yards of material per hour. The spinner and 5-inch auger are made of stainless steel.

Turf Teq

The Power Broom’s 18-inch-diameter, 46-inch-wide brush can remove snow from 2 to 4 inches deep. It has a fully hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse.


The 52-inch-wide, two-stage KX523 snowblower has a 16-inch-diameter solid auger, 20-inch-diameter fan and the ability to move 4,500 pounds of snow per minute.

W.N. Miller

Everblades heated windshield wiper blades have a heating element inside the rubber squeegee. The heat is activated through the wiring and switch provided.

Western Products

The Wide-Out provides an 8-foot straight blade, 9-foot scoop and 10-foot extended straight blade in one plow. The wings hydraulically extend with the touch of a button.

Winter Equipment

The Xtendor cutting edge system includes a .5-inch-thick, 6-inch-high cutting edge, plow markers and two heavy-duty PlowGuards with carbide matrix protection.


SitePro snow blades for skid steers angle left or right and feature a 90-inch width, adjustable-depth skid shoes and reinforced, 21- or 27-inch high, 10-gauge moldboard.

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