It’s impossible to get the real flavor of GIE+EXPO onto the printed page. With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of products, the show is just too big.

Nonetheless, Turf Publisher David G. Cassidy walked the floor with his compact camera and took these snapshots of just a few of the new and interesting things there were to see.

The Arctic, Inc. Sectional Sno-Plow attracted a lot of attention. The bottom edge is bolted on rubber, and the sections lift up over curbs or other obstructions (instead of expensively wrecking the bottom of your blade).

Everyone’s talking about “alternate fuels” these days. Husqvarna added to the discussion with this sleek, electric tiller.

Exmark introduced its totally redesigned Lazer Z, incorporating dozens of new or improved features (including a much lower center of gravity). The mower, in its metal-framed shipping crate, showed everyone (especially dealers) that it arrives at the dealership fully assembled. A little gas, and you drive it right out of the container—no further assembly required.

While it rained for most of the day on Friday (spoiling any chance of viewing the outside exhibits), we obviously had localized weather of another kind over at the CAT booth.

A trio of EnviroGuard’s propane-powered mower conversions in the New Products Live area.

Luckily, they had plenty of sand to keep things from getting too slippery.

TURFCO showed off its new wet/dry spreader/sprayer. Yup, that’s a steering wheel. Everything you need to control your spreader or spray path is right at hand.

Ferris was showing off its new IS 3100 with the propane-powered Briggs & Stratton engine.

Noticeably absent was Ferris’ new “Evolution” mini zero-turn, which is currently touring to dealers around the country.

Snapper Pro’s new out-front, zero-turn mower, the S800X, was prominently displayed at the show. It features an electric deck lift (pretty slick).

Dixie Chopper had its Iron Eagle 50-inch zero-turn in the New Products Live area. As far as I know, there was no mower racing allowed during show hours.

Kubota introduced its new RTV 1140, which can easily be converted to two seats. The front of the hopper folds toward the passenger compartment, providing added cargo space.

Looks like that snow squall also visited New Holland’s booth.

One of the most talked-about new products at the show wasn’t even a commercial product. The Hustler Zeon is an electric zero-turn mower with enough juice to get you 80 minutes of mowing time, plenty for most homeowners to get the job done. Sold exclusively through Hustler dealers, we are told that continuing research and development on a commercial version is underway.