Snow and ice management involves dangerous, intense conditions and working long hours. But there’s more than that. With 30 years in the landscape and snow industry, Steven Cohen, chief innovation officer for GreenMark Consulting Group, shares his best tips for maintaining both your health and sanity during a snow event.

1. Rest and get as much sleep as you can prior to a snow event. This will allow you to be fresh and ready to face what is before you.

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2. Pack yourself healthy snacks to eat on the road. Eating small, healthy snacks throughout a snowstorm is better than eating one or two unhealthy meals at a fast food restaurant. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and noncarbonated drinks as opposed to sugary drinks and a lot of coffee.

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3. Pack yourself extra warm clothes. Changing out of damp clothes after long hours will help you stay warm and feel better overall.

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4. Take short cat naps. Taking some short breaks throughout the storm versus working 24 hours straight can potentially eliminate hallucinations from fatigue.

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