Spreading Salt

The SaltDogg SHPE 3000 CH, Buyers Products’ polymer, chain drive, electric SaltDogg spreader with a double wall, poly molded hopper, is ideal for sand and salt-sand mixtures. It has a 3-cubic yard capacity and is intended for use on vehicles with a gross weight of 13,000 pounds or greater.

The spreader offers spread widths from 5 to 30 feet for flexible coverage, and is powered by independent, 12-volt gear-motor conveyer and direct-drive spinner motors. The spinner assembly height is adjustable and easy to remove for cleaning, storage and hitch access.

The SHPE 3000 CH is equipped with a 12-inch wide steel conveyor chain, a 14-inch, six-vane, polyurethane spinner and variable speed controller. Two top screens protect against material loss and integral double doors with an interlocking gutter system and lid channels keep out water.

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Difficult Cutting Made Easy

The Steiner Rough Cut Mower is built to evenly cut dense and overgrown grass, weeds, brush and brambles up to 1.5 inches in diameter. With a height of cut ranging from3.75 to 6 inches, a 71.5-inch cut width and three double-sided 24-inch-long, 5/16-inch-thick blades designed to rotate in the same direction, this unit provides powerful cutting and debris clearing performance in heavily overgrown woody areas. A rear discharge system with standard baffles and flexible front and rear shields protects operators. For taller or thicker grasses, owners can install a counter-clockwise rotation kit to enable the outer blade to rotate in the opposite direction of the other two blades, which provides a better finish when powering through tall, grassy fields and pastures.

To further improve cutting on difficult or uneven surfaces, it also features durable contoured skid shoes designed to let the deck evenly cut all types of terrain without damaging the ground or the attachment, and an optional caster wheel kit allows the deck to follow undulating landscape and maintain a consistent cut. Heavy duty helper springs allow owners to easily flip the deck up for servicing and repair.

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No More Tough Tilling

Land Pride’s SRT skid steer rotary tiller is available in 62-and 76-inch widths, plus the SRT can be offset 6 inches to the right for tilling next to fences, buildings or sidewalks.

It features a bi-direction rotor with a swing diameter of 18.3 inches and spins up to 245 RPM, depending on the motor. The C-shaped tilling tines are manufactured from forged and hardened steel and feature bi-directional cutting edges; there are four per flange. Standard .75-inch steel ripper-shanks assist in breaking virgin ground: five shanks on the 62-inch model and six shanks on the 76-inch model.

Land Pride’s Depth Gauge Indicator provides the operator with a clear, visible indication of depth: 2-, 4- or full 5.6-inch depth. Skid shoes are standard and two motor options add to the versatility on the SRT62. Land Pride offers low or high-flow motors to fit a wide range of skid steers from 14 to 40 GPM. The SRT76 is available only in a high-flow, 23 to 40 GPM model.

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Software Solutions

Integrity Business Systems’ newly designed business application suite for the horticultural field, code named “Logic Tools” enables firms to connect all their different, disparate on premise business functions seamlessly.

The software was designed to run on Windows 7, Windows 8, down to and including WindowsXP, both 32 and 64 bit variations. Operating systems can be co-mingled within the same organization. The product is completely new from the ground up, written in Visual Studio2012 and utilizes MS SQL server as a database foundation.

Designed as both a desktop and wireless tablet-driven application, the suite is uniquely designed, developed and priced so that the smallest entry-level business up to the largest multi-location establishment can take advantage of it. Advanced functionality is turned on/off by a simple activation code without the need to install and update your software.

Logic Tools is a full business application suite, thus eliminating the need to import or export data to other complimentary systems, such as QuickBooks. It is comprised of Inventory Control, Sales & Estimating, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Financial Reporting, EPA Log Books, Appointment Scheduling, Purchasing and Transfers, Web-Based credit card processing and Job Costing.

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Mapping Made Easy

Technology in the landscape industry is finally catching up with the times.Groundskeeper Tech’s Sprinkler Maps mapping software features the Sprinkler Maps Acreage & Square Foot Estimator,now available for the iPad, which quickly and precisely gets acreage and square footage readings on a live satellite map of your area.

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John Deere Expands Mower Line

John Deere’s1500 Series TerrainCut Front Mowers now features five new models: the 1550, 1570, 1575, 1580 and 1585.

The 1550 TerrainCut boasts a 24.2-hp engine, and the 1570, 1575, 1580 and 1585 TerrainCut are equipped with a 37.4-hp engine. All of the models can be equipped with a 60-inch/72-inch 7-Iron PRO side discharge deck, or 62-inch/72- inch FASTBACK rear discharge deck options. These decks come standard with flat free semi pneumatic caster tires that increase up-time to finish the job.

The 1550 and 1570 models are available with either two-wheel or four-wheel drive. The 1580 and 1585 models come standard with four-wheel drive and two-speed transmission to provide faster transport speeds and slower operating speeds when using implements.

The 1575 and 1585 models have a factory installed cab and come standard with HVAC, front work lights, flashers, turn signals, windshield wiper, an upholstered, air suspension seat and tilt steering. Curved glass and single pane tempered windows provide an unobstructed view no matter what the task.

Each model also has Service ADVISOR connectivity for quick machine diagnostics.

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