More than 60 years of development, including a whole lot of technology testing, has gone into the handhelds you will find at your local equipment dealer. And the evolution of this product category is far from over. Improvements and refinements continue year to year.

Consider these tips when making your next purchase:

  • Match the size and power of the handhelds to the size of the properties and the load you will be putting on them.
  • Consider the weight-to-power ratio of the units you are considering. End users will be using their units for hours each day, sometimes in hot, humid conditions.
  • In terms of trimmers and edgers, how do the units perform upside down? Sometimes a task will require that you use a tool at an awkward angle.
  • Are there noise restrictions on the properties you will be maintaining?
  • Have you consulted friendly colleagues and sought their input and experiences using various models of handhelds and backpacks?
  • Have you or your employees field-tested the units you are considering? End-users will always do a better job and produce more with units that they find to be comfortable and easy to maintain and use.

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