This company has taken a cautious approach to online marketing. The Web sites for Turf and our other properties have been modest, essentially giving readers access to a subscription form and advertisers access to our rates, special programs, etc. I’ve always called these kind of sites “billboard sites,” because they don’t do much more than display information.

That’s all changed.

A couple of years ago, we acquired the largest site in the Green Industry (; over 73,000 members; over 200,000 unique visits in the average month), and we had to start rethinking our strategy for bringing our products into the new world of media. We couldn’t very well have the industry’s largest online community while still maintaining the wimpy, little sites for our magazines.

For the last several months we’ve been working hard designing all new Web Sites, and they’re finally ready. Introducing the new

What will you now find at You’ll find an easy-to-use electronic version of the magazine, with back issues held in an archive for future reference. You’ll find a searchable database of all archived material. You’ll find a database of equipment dealers that can be searched by name, city, state or product line. You’ll find informative videos from some of the leading companies in the field. You’ll find easy links to more information about any product you’ve seen in the magazine. And, we’re just getting started. We’re still developing more content for you.

Yes, we’ve been busy around here the last several months, and I hope you like what you see. I also hope that will provide another means of getting you information that is useful in making your job better, safer, more productive and more profitable. Sure, we make a living by selling ads, but the reason we make the magazine (and the Web site) is to be of service to you. As always, if you have an opinion or a suggestion you’d like to share, I’m always ready to listen.