Each job brings new challenges. Whether you need to spot-spray ornamentals around a home or fertilize an entire lawn, you’ll find the equipment you need in this month’s Guide to Spraying Equipment.

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C&S Turf Care

The Turf Tracker Time Machine features a 12-gallon tank with jet agitation and a 12-volt, 5 GPM spray pump. A maximum spray width of 12 feet at 4 mph allows it to cover an acre in about 10 minutes. It is equipped with rear-mounted spray nozzles, 25-foot hose and spray gun for spot-treating.


The S25 Spray-PRO has a spray width of 3 to 5 feet and covers up to 16,000 square feet. A two-mode valve allows for transport or spray operation. It includes a hand sprayer, three different nozzle tips, 6.6-gallon self-agitating tank, ground-driven pump and 13-inch pneumatic tires.

Forestry Suppliers

Utility Skid Sprayers feature a boomless nozzle that offers a full 30-foot coverage area with an output of 3.8 GPM. Other features include a corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank, 12-volt diaphragm pump, adjustable pressure gauge (from 0 to 45 PSI) and pistol-grip spray gun with adjustable nozzle.

Green Pro Solutions

Pumptec electric pumps are quiet and durable. They can be combined with a sprayer head and existing tank, replace an existing gas engine unit or be incorporated into a complete sprayer unit. Green Pro offers spray trucks, skid units, pumps, compost tea units, spray guns and accessories.


The Spreader-Mate is a self-contained drop-in sprayer that converts a commercial broadcast spreader into a fully functional sprayer. Features include a hand spray wand, quick-attach breakaway boom, 9-gallon tank, 12-volt pump and gauge. Covers up to 30,000 square feet with one fill-up.

Jonathan Green

The Jonathan Green 2-gallon capacity sprayer can be used on all lawn, yard and garden areas. It is easy to use, with a carry strap, brass wand extension and brass fan nozzle. The sprayer features Viton seals to resist chemical breakdown.


The 30-gallon JRCO Zero-Turn Sprayer quickly attaches to a mower with four clevis pins. The sprayer has a three-section breakaway boom, spot-spray gun, high-capacity Udor diaphragm pump, 3.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Industrial Plus engine and low-drift Turbo Teejet spray tips.

L.T. Rich

The Z-Spray line of spreader/sprayers offers spray capacities from 18 to 75 gallons. All units have a hydraulic hopper system, varying spray and spread widths, stainless steel chassis, 50-foot hose reel, GPS speedometer, 16 hp Vanguard Commercial engine and locking caster system.

Northeastern Arborist Supply

Manufactures a line of sprayers in 50, 100, 200 and 300-gallon models and also custom-designs sprayers to exact specifications. All sprayers feature one-piece, seamless polyethylene tanks; painted, welded steel frames with bolt-down flanges; liquid-filled gauges; and electric or pull-start Honda engines.

Pro Spray Equipment

The PSE50MS413 is equipped with a 50-gallon fiberglass tank; Maruyama plunger pump with ceramic-coated cylinders (7 GPM and up to 400 PSI); 5.5 hp Honda engine; 300 feet of 3/8-inch hose; 38505 GES gun with automatic shutoff; and powder-coated steel frame and rack.


The model PE-B all-aluminum push sprayer has a front-mounted, fold-up boom to make it easy to see objects. It uses low-volume, low-drift, air-inducted tips. A 12-volt, deep-cycle battery will run the SHURflo pump all day on one charge. The 8-gallon tank will spray .5 acre at 20 PSI and 2.5 mph.

Turbo Technologies

Turbo Technologies manufactures a full line of turf sprayers with capacities ranging from 50 to 750 gallons. Sprayer units are equipped with Comet or Kappa pumps and Honda engines. The company also manufactures multitank sprayers in two or three-tank configurations.


COMBO-RATE nozzle bodies have a modular design that allows multiple nozzle bodies to be stacked, or a single body to be combined with a multi-tip turret. The QUICK CALIBRATOR provides quick spray nozzle calibration, with Nozzle Comparator feature to store and compare flow rates.

A.D. Williams

Manufactures skid sprayers, tow-behind sprayers, tree sprayers, spot sprayers, walking booms, injection systems, fertilizer mix tanks, custom units and more.


The 25-gallon tow sprayer has a 1.8 GPM SHURflo pump, large screw cap, 7-foot spray coverage with booms extended and 16-inch pneumatic tires.

B&B Technologies

The US60B-COM features a 60-gallon blow-molded poly tank, boomless nozzles with electric control, 30-foot spray width and 3.5 GPM pump.


Stadium series sprayers come with 80, 110 or 160-gallon tanks and pumping system options. Booms and spray guns are standard.

Cub Cadet

The XP stand-on spreader/sprayer has two 5-gallon tanks, spot-spray wand, boomless nozzle, 6 hp Kawasaki engine and hydrostatic transmission.


The SHR-210 backpack sprayer features a 21.2cc engine, 17.6-fluid-ounce fuel tank, diaphragm carburetor and 5-gallon tank with recirculating pump and drain.

GNC Industries

Sprayers for utility vehicles come with 50, 75 or 100-gallon capacities, electric or gas-powered pump unit and boomless or traditional boom setups.

Graham Lawn Equip.

Custom lawn spray truck and skid units include 600/100, 600/200 and 600 with a 400-gallon tank for warm-season applications.


Shielded sprayers are available in 53 or 133-inch widths, with 30-gallon capacity and the ability to cover up to 5.5 acres with one tank.

Gravely Turf

The SaniTurf has an 80-gallon poly tank, 3.4 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and boomless nozzle assembly that sprays a 30-foot swath at 40 PSI.

Ground Logic

The Pathfinder has a 6.5 hp Honda engine, 12-gallon tank, 2 GPM diaphragm pump, stainless steel frame and nozzles for broadcast and trim spraying.

H.D. Hudson

The Commercial Bak-Pak sprayer offers an extra-large fill opening, braided hose, nozzle system with four spray settings and 20-inch poly spray wand.

Hahn Application Products

The Spray Bug is an electric-powered, self-propelled walking boom system with a self-contained, 10-gallon spray tank and complete spray system.

Hannay Reels

The 1500 Series hose reel is compact and comes with a direct crank rewind permanently attached to the axle and a variety of options.


Jacto offers a complete line of tractor-mounted cannon and air-blast sprayers and several models of heavy-duty backpacks with 3 or 4-gallon capacities.


Mighty Mac sprayers come in 22 and 50-gallon models with adjustable pressure relief valves, 3 or 10 GPM twin piston pumps and spray heights up to 35 feet.

Micro-Trak Systems

The SprayMate II has controls for up to three separate boom sections, master control switch, VRA capability, NH3 and Turf units and on/off power switch.

Northern Turf

The SS220 Spread-N-Spray has a 20-gallon spray unit that supports three spray patterns (4, 8 and 16 feet), two application speeds and six spray rates.

PBM Supply & Mfg.

Utility vehicle sprayers have a low-profile, 70-gallon poly tank and are available with a variety of pump and motor combinations and boom and spray gun options.


The 12-volt electric Power Sprayer is mounted on an aluminum cart with 12-inch wheels. Removable, 5-gallon poly tank and rechargeable gel cell battery.


The EMS3053 with 30-gallon tank sprays up to 5.5 acres per tank and has a large lid opening, 10-inch spill well and Dura Grip tank securing system.


The Air Sprayer has a 12-volt compressor, 18-inch spray wand and heavy-duty frame with two wheels. Pressure can be adjusted from 0 to 70 PSI.


Sprayers include the Multi Pro 1200/1250 for smaller areas and the Multi Pro 5700 for larger areas. Open booms allow for a more stable spraying platform.


Skid-mounted spot sprayers fit in utility vehicles and pickups and can be used for weed spraying, turf maintenance and pest control applications.

W.E. Chapps

The Chemical Spray Vest protects the shoulders and back from backpack sprayer leaks and spills. Available with solid butyl rubber or mesh front.

Walker Mfg.

The SP6640 Boom Sprayer has a 96-inch spray pattern, spray gun with 20-foot hose, 25-gallon tank with sump, SHURflo pump and Viton valves.

Wheel Spray Corp.

The 6-gallon capacity WS-485 Grounds Wheelie II has twin wheel pumps that spray a fan of solution 6 feet wide at the rate of 1,000 square feet per gallon.

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