The walk-behind mower is the most popular piece of equipment formost lawn care operators. In this month’s Product Focus, you’ll find thenewest models out there, along with a few classics. We’ve also included attachment options to make your walk-behind mower more efficient for you and your crew.

Billy Goat

The 34-inch Home Pro finish cut mower features a compact design, baffled two-blade deck, large pneumatic tires and a 10.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.

Cub Cadet Commercial

The 1748 wide-area model has a fully welded, one-piece engine platform and mowing deck, 7-gauge steel skirt, reinforced steel plates and Vari-Touch foot controls.

Ferris Industries

The Comfort Control DD series offers 16 to 26 hp Kawasaki engines, 36 to 61-inch deck widths, self-contained transmissions and quick height of cut adjustment.


The HU800HV employs a rear-wheel drive system with high rear wheels for maneuverability. Equipped with a 190cc Honda engine and cone clutch transmission.

Hustler Turf Equip.

The TrimStar Hydro features a patented H-Bar steering system, floating deck, no daily lubrication points, tough frame and integrated ZT-2800 transmissions.

John Deere

The WG and WH series consist of six models in the 16 to 20 hp range with gear or hydrostatic transmissions, Kawasaki engines and 7-gauge fabricated decks.

Snapper Pro

The SW5 gear-drive mower offers 16 hp Kawasaki and B&S engines, five-speed Peerless transmission, 32-inch fabricated deck and steel channel handlebars.

Sunrise Global Marketing

The GreenWorks push mower has a 24-volt, 480 watt-hour battery, 20-inch cutting path, cutting heights from 1.5 to 3.75 inches and durable steel cutting deck.


Hover mowers come in 16 and 18-inch cutting widths, with Honda engines, 52-inch-long steel handles with ergonomic grips and 14-inch impellers.


Models include five-speed gear-drive, hydrostatic and Z-Control hydrostatic, with 16, 18 and 20 hp Kawasaki engines and deck sizes from 32 to 54 inches.

Eastman Industries

The SPX series of 21-inch mowers includes three models: two self-propelled units, one with BBC and one with zone start, and one dedicated push model.


The Commercial 21 X-Series offers a 21-inch-wide, 5-inch-deep deck, single-point rear height adjustment, engine guard, skid plates and cushioned grip controls.


The Pro-Walk 24 High Wheel features a 190cc Briggs & Stratton Pro Series engine, belt-driven deck, 1-inch spindle shaft and 20-inch composite rear wheels.

Havener Enterprises

The sulky mower is a stand-on model with a compact design. It is very maneuverable, turns in its own length and offers great visibility.


The 22-inch-wide Hayter Harrier Pro rotary striping mower offers cut heights from .5 to 3.5 inches, split rear roller, enclosed cutting area and internal differential.


The HRC Series includes a self-propelled, hydrostatic model and a push model. They have a 21-inch cutting width, twin-blade MicroCut System and 9-inch wheels.

Jari USA

The Jari sickle bar mower is self-propelled at 2 mph and has 16-inch wheels and a knife assembly that does not throw stones or other small objects.


Masport mowers come in 18 and 21-inch models with single-handle height of cut adjustment, Briggs & Stratton engines and rear-mounted grass catchers.

Scag Power Equip.

The Pro-V comes with a 36, 48 or 52-inch floating deck, a 16 to 23 hp engine, hand-lever deck lift and smooth controls that reduce operator hand fatigue.

Sutech Industries

The Stealth 33-inch mower has a three-speed transmission, three blades for better cutting and a small, lightweight frame for maneuverability.


The GrandStand features the Toro Flex-Ride retractable platform, Turbo Force deck and split T-bar controls. It comes in 36, 40, 48, 52 and 60-inch models.


The Velke gear-drive mower is equipped with an adjustable axle, five-speed transmission, Warner MagStop clutch, 15 hp engine and a 32, 36 or 48-inch deck.

The Bravo 25 is a 25-inch, rear-bagging mower with a Honda GXV engine, 14-gauge steel deck, two-speed transmission and simple, intuitive controls.

Novae Corp.

The Proslide XT is a sliding sulky that retracts when users step off. The polymer wear plate rides on the grass and does not cause ruts like a wheeled sulky.


The EMS3053 shielded sprayer features a 53-inch shielded boom with flow indicators and a 30-gallon tank that sprays up to 5.5 acres per fill-up.


The Blade Blocker temporarily blocks the discharge opening to prevent large volumes of clippings from being discharged onto vehicles, mulch and other areas.

W.E. Chapps

The Mid-Size Walk-Behind Bag has quick-release buckles and elastic bottom straps. The angled front panel allows users to drop things in the bag with one hand.

Accelerator Industries

Offers a full line of premium aluminum grass catchers in sizes ranging from 3.3 to 11 cubic feet. Also offers dust covers, leaf extenders and Mega Mouth debris bag.

Humboldt Specialty Mfg.

Offers a durable, lightweight side catcher that can be lifted off or tilted to dump for quick and easy bagging. Models are available for many mower brands.


The EA175V engine is ideally suited for use with walk-behind mowers. The vertical-shaft, 174cc engine is lightweight and rugged.

The March issue of Turf will focus on Fertilizers, Sweepers and Riding Mowers and Attachments.