A Sprayer Just for Compost Tea

Turbo Technologies’ newest addition to the Turf Sprayer line is the Compost Tea sprayer, which is specifically designed for compost tea and allows the operator to easily adjust the pressure for desired aeration of compost tea. The units are available in 50, 100, 200 and 300-gallon sizes, with other sizes available on request.

The Compost Tea sprayers come with 300 feet of 200 PSI rubber hose and a gun with two nozzle options. They are powered by a Honda 5.5 hp recoil start engine a manual hose reel. An electric rewind hose reel and Honda 5.5 hp electric-start engine is available as an option.

Mend Damaged Lawn Areas Easily

The Grass Stitcher, manufactured by Grass Stitcher LLC, is a hand tool that repairs damaged lawn areas. Its design enables users to repair bare lawn areas in three simple steps: roll the implement over the trouble spot, spread grass seed, then sprinkle with water. It is effective when used right over dead grass and ideal for reseeding areas damaged by pet urine or insects and for thin areas.

The angled, spiked wheels create the perfect environment for seed germination, and when the tool is rolled over the ground, it makes ample sized holes surrounded by loose soil. When seeds are spread and then watered, they nestle into the holes and are covered by loosened soil. Remaining dead grass provides the mulch necessary to retain moisture and protect the germinating seeds from the sun. The leveraged handle ensures correct planting depth.

Your New Buddy

Wireless Tracker Solutions, Inc. introduces the Tracker Buddy, a wireless tracking system with an internal speaker and auxiliary headphone. Features include a clip that allows for connecting to a buried wire without disconnecting the wire and an internal “chatter” circuit. When tracking a buried wire, the Tracker Buddy will identify a buried valve with a chattering noise in addition to the tonal sound.

Need a Dump Truck?

The TruckCraft Metro kit from TruckCraft Corporation converts single rear-wheel pickups to aluminum drop-side flatbeds with 2.8-cubic-yard struck volume and over 56 square feet of deck that can be freely accessed on three sides by forklift or loader. Two sizes are available for U.S. pickups, and the kit is available with a 3,500-pound capacity, three-way dump hoist. Adjustable bulkhead has screen window, foam handgrips and top goal posts for securing long loads. No tools needed to remove drop-sides and tailgate. Options include canvas top with sliding bows, ramp storage compartment and 36-inch-high screen sides.

If You Can’t Run With the Big Dogs …

The Power Dog 213 from Kuhn’s Welding features a tilling width of 24 inches and comes standard with a 13 hp electric-start Honda engine. The unit features variable speed on the go and instant forward/reverse.

Install Pipe Anywhere

The Sidewalk Sleever from Maxwell & Parker, LLP is a solid steel tool for installing pipe and conduit under sidewalks and other obstacles. To use the tool, slide it into the pipe you want to install and hammer it under the obstacle. Remove the Sidewalk Sleever and the pipe stays in place. The tool has a 1-inch diameter and comes in 5, 6 and 8-foot lengths. The 5-foot tool is also available with a 2-inch diameter.

Safely Pick Up B&B Trees

The Tree Claw easily attaches to skid steer forks or buckets and safely picks up balled and burlapped trees to be loaded, transported and planted. Manufactured by Tree Claw Industries, the attachment places the tree ball in an excavated hole without damaging the roots, reducing tree failure from damaged root balls. Maximum lift capacity is 3,000 pounds.

Efficiently Water New Trees

The Treegator Drip Irrigation Bag from Spectrum Products, Inc., is a slow-release watering system for new trees. The 20-gallon original model delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree with no run-off or evaporation.

A single bag holds approximately 20 gallons of water and fits a 1 to 4-inch-caliper tree; two bags zipped together can hold approximately 50 gallons and fit up to an 8-inch-caliper tree. The bags are made of green polyethylene plastic with nylon webbing and can be used on trees with branches at least 30 inches off the ground. There are two water release points per bag for even watering, and the bag is empty in around five to nine hours. It is UV stabilized to withstand exposure to sunlight, and the fill opening fits up to 3-inch-diameter hose.

Labor-Saving Turf Harvester

The Trebro SC2010 self-propelled, automatic stacking roll harvester is powered by a 99 hp John Deere engine and features all-wheel drive with rear wheel anti-spin control to keep it on track in wet, muddy conditions. Manufactured by Trebro Mfg., the unit has a deluxe cab with anti-vibration mounts, heat and air conditioning and the operator has excellent visibility of the cutting head, conveyor and stacking functions. The rear-mounted, automatic pallet injector holds 10 empty pallets

A Revolution in Trailer Design

TYGAR’s ProCurb Custom curbing Trailer features a cargo-style V-nose equipment box with 50 percent more storage than conventional trailers, a stand-up height of 6 feet 6 inches and is paneled with .75-inch plywood for shelving and tie-downs with interior lighting. It also has additional open storage large enough for a pallet of portland, wheelbarrows, yard scraps and other equipment. The sliding ramp services both the equipment box and open storage area, and doubles as a side panel when moving. The ProCurb holds up to 600 feet of materials and offers easy access to the attached mixer.

The Cub-style model is also available and features a 16-foot frame and holds 350 feet of material.

StealthSpout Solves Emitter Problems

The StealthSpout upscale, low-profile drain emitter is nearly invisible and aesthetically improves drainage solutions. Manufactured by InvisaFlow, it offers a no-clog design, eliminates standing water that can serve as a mosquito bed and reduces erosion. It fits three pipe sizes: 3 and 4-inch hard pipes and 4-inch corrugated pipes. An extension is available for curbs and retaining walls.