Sweeper, Blowers, Vacuums and Accessories

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

With the right equipment, fall clean up is a very profitable service for contractors to offer their customers. Leaves and debris are no match for the equipment showcased in this month’s product focus, so take a look at what these manufacturers have to offer. Whether you’re looking for a hand-held blower for small jobs, or a vacuum attachment for your truck or tractor, you will find it here!

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The 60- and 66-inch rotary brooms clean, rake, dethatch and handle light snow removal. Universal mount for most brands of ATVs or UTVs and features electric controls and an installed engine.



The Bobcat sweeper attachment features a floating bristle head that follows surface contours independently of the bucket and provides optimum surface contact even on uneven terrain and slopes.


Brinly-Hardy Co.

The six-brush sweeper features brush height adjustment levers that make switching from thick leaves to short grass simple, and the design reduces tip lift. Dethatching kit available.



The 36-inch walk-behind rotary broom features broom angle adjustment up to 20 degrees left/right and positive pin-type broom height adjustment system with 1/8-inch increments.



The Trailette tow-behind sweeper features a 36-inch sweeping width, 10-cubic-foot capacity and solid-bottomed basket. E-Z dump basket empties by simply pulling the rope to tip the basket.


Paladin Attachments

The Sweepster CS uses a high-volume fan that pulls air from the sweeping chamber to filter dust as small as 10 micron, reducing dust without bulky, awkward water systems.


Schwarze Industries

The Gale Force dual-engine, chassis-mounted parking lot sweeper features a Whisper Wheel fan system and 82-inch-wide blast and suction pickup head that sweeps in reverse.


Trackless Vehicles LTD.

The Power Angle Sweeper can be used year-round to sweep snow, salt, sand and other debris, as well as dethatch lawns. Can be made to order and come in widths from 3 to 8 feet.



TurfEx’s Thatch, Groom ‘N’ Sweep package attaches to zero-turn mowers and can be easily converted from a sweeper to a dethatcher without having to purchase additional equipment.


Turf Teq

Turf Teq’s Model 1305BR self-propelled walk-behind is powered by a 13 hp Honda engine and features a 47-inch sweeping width. Features poly or poly wire mix bristles and adjustable brush pressure.


York Modern Corp.

The York Broom Model SSPU mounts directly to skid steer quick-attach systems, is hydraulically driven and is available in 5- and 6-foot widths with 24-inch brush sections.



Billy Goat

Billy Goat’s 6 to 18 hp Force Blowers are light in weight and feature a smooth composite house that eliminates air voids for a smooth and powerful flow. Won’t rust or dent.



Hurricane Plus Walk-Behind Blowers are available in three models: 169cc engine and 13.5-inch fan diameter; 265cc engine and 15.25-inch fan diameter; and 404cc engine and 18-inch fan diameter.



The Husqvarna 580 blower features a 75cc two-cycle X-Torq engine that is supported by a blow molded frame with side air vents to enhance airflow and help keep the operator cool.


Emak USA

The SA-3000 hand-held blower features the VibCut antivibration system and is available with optional vacuum attachment. The SA-2062 backpack blower has VibCut and throttle control.



The BL85 backpack blower has a spring-loaded, shock-absorbing frame that reduces vibration. The optional 900 Tornado tip attachment increases air flow from 740 to 900 CFM.



The Extreme Pro leaf blower features a 17-inch, six-blade impeller and a 26.25-square-inch discharge opening, and rockets out air at 2,824 CFM. All-welded steel construction.


Schiller Grounds Care Little Wonder

Little Wonder Optimax blowers feature on-the-fly adjustment of split-stream airflow technology from the operator’s handle and a large discharge chute. Available in push and self-propelled models.



The BR 600 Magnum backpack blower has a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, and produces the highest air volume and velocity of all STIHL backpack blowers, yet features a low-emission engine.



Avant Tecno USA

The Collecting Lawnmower 1500 attachment features a 210-gallon collector box. Blades cut grass and leaves to a fine mulch that packs tightly in the collector box, which is emptied from the driver’s seat.


Billy Goat

Billy Goat’s MV650 Series features a 29-inch-wide gobbler door that is adjustable from the operator’s position for turf, hard surfaces, or closed when using the optional hose.



Brinly’s PolyVAC system pairs larger diameter hoses and higher air velocity to minimize clogging. Its 60-inch clamshell opening design, steel handle and gas spring assist allow for easy emptying.



Broyhill’s Stadium Vac is a self-contained unit for turf vehicles and RTVs and features a 20.8 hp Honda engine and wireless remote controls for suction hose height and distance.


Dixie Chopper

XT baggers are available in a two-bag, a three-bag or an overhead collection system that allows an operator to dump clippings from the seat.


ECHO Bear Cat

The 12-inch DL12720 Debris Loader features a Subaru 720cc V Twin engine, 12-foot heavy-duty intake hose and 360-degree rotating discharge chute. Various accessories available.



The easy-to-install, deck-driven PowerVac Collection System features a trash-ingesting steel impeller that chops and compacts virtually anything without clogging or bridging.



The Vac-35 Litter Vacuum comes with a 6 hp/170cc Subaru engine, 30-inch intake housing, floor wheel kit and 9-cubic-foot poly felt bag. Aerodynamic deflector design controls airflow.


Schiller Grounds Care Little Wonder

The Little Wonder HPV all-terrain/all-debris vacuum features an advanced impeller and 205cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. Nozzle height automatically adjusts to terrain.


Schwarze Industries

The SuperVac Aero self-contained portable slide-in sweeper mounts to a standard half-ton pickup and features a 2-cubic-yard hopper, clean air blower and 25-gallon onboard dust control system.


Trackless Vehicles LTD.

The Leaf Loader picks up leaves at the curb, mulches them and blows them into a truck at rate of up to four truckloads an hour and 100,000 pounds per day.



The RV602 Vacuum Collection system has a debris containment bin that hydraulically raises up to 60 inches to place materials into dump trailer or pickup bed and quick-disconnect hose.




The Blower Buggy Carrier holds walk-behind blowers on the front of zero-turn mowers and is supported by swivel wheels. Blowers are secured to the adjustable carrier with three straps, allowing one-person unloading.


W.E. Chapps

The W.E. BackPack rack cover slides over the entire backpack blower and features adjustable hook and loop fasteners side secures around the blower arm and strap buckles underneath.