2015 HNA Installer Championship is Accepting Registrants

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

Louisville, KY — The 2015 HNA Installer Championship is now accepting registration forms for the 3rd annual competition. The HNA Installer Championship is intended to test and recognize the skill, dedication and passion of hardscape contractors from Canada, the United States and Mexico. This year, up to 12 teams will have their understanding of industry best practices and guidelines tested in a race against the clock and other top installers in the industry. The HNA Installer Championship will be held Oct. 22 – 23 in Louisville, Kentucky, during Hardscape North America (HNA), the industry’s largest trade show for hardscape contractors and dealers.

The Installer Championship is sponsored by Belgard Hardscapes and Pavestone.

The teams will compete for the Hardscape North America Installer champion trophy, $1,000 award, an iQ360 14″ masonry saw, and recognition on the Hardscape North America and ICPI websites and in various industry publications. The “runner-up” will receive a $400 award.


The championship is restricted to professional hardscape contractors. Each team member must be employed in the hardscape industry in North America as a professional installer of segmental retaining wall, and clay and concrete pavers. This championship is not for amateurs or do-it-yourselfers. Each team member must sign, date and agree to the terms and conditions of the required HNA Installer Championship Team registration form.

Entry Requirements

The Championship is limited to the first 12 teams to submit a complete registration. Each team member, including alternates, must be registered to attend the Hardscape North America tradeshow. Registrations can be completed online at www.HardscapeNA.com. In addition, one of the team members must pay the $200 USD HNA Installer Championship registration fee, which will be listed as an optional item during the online registration process. Each team must also provide proof of their general liability and workers compensation insurance coverage for each team member and complete the team registration form and have it signed by each team member. These documents need to be submitted by fax to (703) 657-6901 or scan and email to [email protected].

Registration is not complete until 1) all team members are registered to attend HNA, 2) the Installer Competition fee is paid, and 3) the completed and signed team registration form is received by ICPI. To register, visit www.HardscapeNA.com.

Materials and Tools

Only materials provided by the event organizers may be used in the construction. Teams cannot supply their own materials.

Each team is expected to bring its own small hand tools and personal safety equipment. The following larger tools will be supplied for use during the Championship: Weber CR3 vibratory plate compactor, iQ320 14″ masonry saws with integrated dust collection, long handle round shovel and long handle lute rake.

Format over Two Days

During each round, a team will be given 60 minutes to complete their construction in the prescribed 15′ x 10′ construction area, and according to the provided design details. Three teams will compete during each round. Each team will be judged on their installation technique and final product. The team with the highest score in each round will advance to the next level.

The preliminaries will have 12 teams competing in four rounds. Judging of the preliminaries will be based on technique, compliance with ICPI guidelines and delivering the specified design. Each team with the highest score from each round will automatically advance to the semi-finals. Additionally, the two teams with the highest scores from all the preliminary rounds, which did not automatically advance to the semi-finals, will advance to the semi-finals as the wild-card selections.

The semi-finals will have six teams competing in two rounds. Judging of the semi-finals is based on technique, compliance with ICPI guidelines and delivering the required elements. Each team with the highest score from each round will automatically advance to the finals. Additionally, the team with the highest score from the semi-final rounds, which did not automatically advance to the finals, will advance to the finals as the wild card selection.

During the final round, the team with the highest score will be declared “champion” and the team with the next highest score will be declared “runner up.” Judging of the finals will be based on technique, compliance with ICPI guidelines and delivering a creative design. The awards presentation will be Oct. 23 at 3:45 outside in the Hardscape Installer Championship area.

To register for the GIE+EXPO and HNA trade shows and find further details about the Installer Championship and other events, go to www.HardscapeNA.com.