The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) have placed a call for public review of the revision draft for the current ANSI A300 (Part 10)-20xx Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standard, which recommends pest management procedures for trees, woody shrubs and vines; and the ANSI A300 (Part 11)-20xx Urban Forest Products (UFP) standard, which recommends procedures for using urban forest products on trees, woody shrubs and vines. The public review drafts for these revisions will be open for comments through August 25, 2014. ANSI A300 Part 10 – IPM- The A300 Part 10 standard addresses the following procedures pertaining to integrated pest management:

  • Program design and specifications
  • Site surveys
  • Monitoring
  • Treatments
  • Reporting

ANSI A300 Part 11 – UFP- The A300 Part 11 standard addresses the following procedures pertaining to urban forest products:

  • Urban forest products practices
  • Planning and recovery
  • Removal
  • Post removal site treatment

ANSI A300 Tree Care Management Forum- This forum takes place Monday, August 4 (at the ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show), and gives attendees the chance to practice using the ANSI A300 Tree Care standards in an interactive way. This session will be led by committee chairman Dane Buell, and other committee members will be available. Attendees can earn one CEU and win prizes. This session is free to attend. To learn more, visit TCIA’s Industry Calendar. About ANSI A300 Standards ANSI A300 standards are considered the final authority in civil courts and by most dispute arbitration systems. Once approved, the A300 Part 10 and 11 standards take precedence in the USA over previous tree care management standards and guidelines. ANSI requires that approved standards be developed according to accepted principles, and that they be reviewed and, if necessary, revised every five years. All current ANSI A300 standards are available for review and comment on the Tree Care Industry Association website.