ST. CHARLES, Ill. – Aquascape, Inc, released its 2012 retail water gardening catalog.

"Although many companies have reduced spending on research and development during the economic downturn, Aquascape has focused its energy and resources on improving product quality while identifying ways to reduce cost to the consumer," says Scott Rhodes, director of product marketing for Aquascape, Inc.

Aquascape’s 2012 Water Gardening Catalog is available free-of-charge and designed for retailers to distribute to their customers. Full-color photos display a variety of water feature options for today’s consumers, and short stories highlighting benefits and features of ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are incorporated to create a first-hand experience of the water gardening lifestyle. Quick Response (QR) codes populate the pages for easy access to product videos and additional information.

Several new and improved products appear in Aquascape’s 2012 Water Gardening Catalog including, but not limited to:

‡  Container Water Garden Filter, for containers holding up to 50 gallons of water
‡  Pond Filter Urn, ideal for providing filtration for smaller ponds or container water gardens
‡  Newly designed IonGenT System, an electronic water clarifier that reduces maintenance
‡  Evolutionary, second generation line of consumer water garden pumps
‡  Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, decorative fountains
‡  LED Fountain Accent Light, creating drama for nighttime viewing
‡  Granite Transition Garden Fountain, providing two fountains in one
‡  Activated Pond Carbon, for clarifying water and reducing odor
‡  Pond Air 2 and 4, providing beneficial, energy-efficient aeration
‡  Koi Krunchies, a hand-feeding treat for koi and goldfish

Retailers can order free copies of Aquascape’s 2012 Water Garden Catalog to distribute to their customers by calling 866.877.6637 (US) or 866.766.3426 (CANADA). The retail catalog is also available online at for free download.