Bayer Announces New Packaging Size and Price Structure for TopChoice


Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, offers a new 22-pound package size of its fire ant control product TopChoice. The 22-pound bag treats approximately 11,000 square feet (or 0.25 acres). It is being offered in addition to the 50-pound option already available.
As of April 1st, there is also a lower price for pallet quantities of TopChoice. For those ordering more than 1 pallet of either the 22- or 50-pound bags of TopChoice on one invoice, the new volume pricing of $2.50 per pound will apply to the purchase (standard pricing is $2.75 per pound, and 22- and 50-pound purchases can not be combined to make a pallet quantity).
Earlier this year, Bayer also launched its TopChoice Fire Ant Prevention Campaign to support lawn care and pest management professionals in educating homeowners and groundskeepers about the importance of fire ant prevention. Lawn care and pest management professionals can request a free TopChoice Fire Ant Kit to help spread the word to customers about fire ant control with TopChoice. The toolkit (available by calling 800-577-5163 (press 3)), features promotional door hangers and $15 customer rebate cards, as well as more ideas to help increase treatment sales.
The chemical company says the promotional materials will drive homeowners to, which provides information on fire ant control, including how TopChoice works; a schools and parks savings program; a parent toolkit and a homeowner rebate program.