Bayer CropScience Announces New Hires


Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, has appointed Jeff Michel as herbicide marketing product manager, and Sheryl Wells, Ph.D., as technical field development representative for the southeastern United States.

Michel is responsible for implementing the short- to mid-term U.S. marketing plans for Bayer’s professional turf and ornamental (T&O) herbicide business. The product portfolio includes Specticle, Tribute Total and Celsius. 

Wells is responsible for conducting both internal and external trial support work to develop new and innovative concepts for the Environmental Science division. Her most recent role was extension specialist in ornamental horticulture, landscape pollution prevention, and landscape water management with the University of Georgia.

Most recently, Michel led an herbicide project team at Bayer. He has supported Bayer over the past nine years as a field development representative with the Southeastern U.S. turf and ornamental business. Prior to Bayer, he worked as technical director for Massey Services, a professional lawn and landscape service organization in Florida.

Wells has an extensive and diverse background with T&O management, working in key areas including nematicide research, and academic instruction and outreach to county agents, national garden clubs, master gardeners, and green industry professionals. She has covered issues relating to water quality, water conservation, pollution prevention, and new and efficient irrigation technology and practices. As part of her early career endeavors, Wells was employed as a golf course superintendent.