To further the understanding of the important role bees play, Bayer is launching its second annual Bee Care Tour. The mobile tour is traveling to some of the top agriculture universities and farm communities and will be kicking off at Washington State University on Feb. 6 to provide bee health educational events and discussion, including:

  • Bee Expert Presentations – Dr. Doug Walsh, Dr. Natalie Boyle and Alan Schreiber will be speaking at our event to foster discussion among growers, beekeepers and university researchers
  • Interactive Bee Health Exhibit – Hands-on bee health experiences to educate and display the importance of pollinators to agriculture and consumers 
  • Giveaways – Fuzzy bees, honey sticks, almonds and other giveaways
  • Mobile Observation Bee Hive – Get an up-close-and-personal view of live bees in our enclosed observation hive
  • Honey Tasting Bar – Where participants become certified” honey tasters  after they have smelled and tasted several flavors of honey (e.g. clover vs. mint)

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