RESEARCH PARK TRIANGLE, N.C. – Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, introduces Tribute Total, a novel herbicide that provides golf course superintendents and lawn care managers a complete solution for post-emergent treatment in bermudagrass. The unique combination of active ingredients in Tribute Total replaces the need for tank mixing multiple products to achieve desired weed control, says the company.

"Superintendents and lawn care managers devote countless hours to control troublesome weeds," says Scott Welge, Head of Green/IVM Marketing for Environmental Science. "Tribute Total will save turf managers valuable time and money because they will no longer need to tank mix multiple products to achieve their expectations regarding efficacy."

Tribute Total is effective against a broad spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds, sedges and kyllingas. The post-emergent herbicide controls problem weeds such as dallisgrass and crabgrass, as well as yellow and purple nutsedge.

By using Tribute Total, superintendents and lawn care professionals can better manage their labor input. Tribute Total provides a simple solution that allows turf managers to avoid having to measure and mix the multiple products required to manage difficult-to-control weeds.

"Tank mixing multiple products can sometimes result in antagonism and may reduce overall efficacy," said Welge. "Bayer developed Tribute Total to help our customers avoid these issues and to give them a better tool for producing the best turf conditions possible for their courses and landscapes."

About Tribute Total

At a use rate range of 1 – 3.2 oz per acre, each 6 oz container of Tribute Total treats 1.875 – 6 acres. Additionally, with a 60.5% water dispersible granule formulation, Tribute Total requires less storage space, transportation, and less frequent container disposal. For more information on Tribute Total, please visit