PLEASANTON, Calif. – It’s not everyone’s idea of great swag, but Tri-Valley homeowners are lining up for a new drought freebie: recycled sewer water. Toting empty milk jugs, tubs, buckets, even water tanks, residents have been lining up to fill them up since mid-June at what sewer district officials say is the only plant giving away free treated effluent to residential customers. Dublin San Ramon Services District officials say they weren’t sure there would be any takers, but about 60 eager do-it-yourselfers are now making regular runs to haul water to irrigate their yards and vegetable gardens, fill decorative fountains, wash off horses and control dust at stables. And as for any “yuck factor” from using sewer water, users say they aren’t deterred because recycled water customers are all given brief instructions informing them that the state OKs the use of effluent for landscaping — but not for drinking. Click here for the full article.