ELMSFORD, N.Y. – Central Turf & Irrigation Supply moves to strategically expand its equipment division through a recently established distribution partnership with PermaGreen. 

Central will be one of the few authorized dealers of the PermaGreen Triumph Sprayer Spreaders in the U.S. The distribution partnership allows Central Turf and Irrigation Supply to sell, lease and service any version of Triumph Sprayer Spreaders. Not only can they sell the entire unit, they can sell the parts, which professionals know to be difficult to find.  
The timing of the partnership is coupled with the rebranding of the Central Equipment 
division’s website. CentralEquipmentDivision.com has a new design layout and branding scheme. Although the equipment division’s URL is different than the main company’s URL, the equipment division is a key part of the overall business strategy.

PermaGreen’s 2014 Triumph Sprayer Spreaders can be purchased from any of Central’s 38 stores in the United States and Canada.