The California Landscape Contractors Association presented Trophy Awards to outstanding landscape contractors at its recent annual convention. The Trophy Awards were established to encourage interest in landscaping, recognize people who produce outstanding landscapes, create pride in superior workmanship and bestow public recognition on companies, institutions, municipalities and residents for their interest in a beautiful California. A total of 55 awards were presented from more than 121 entries. Two highly regarded landscape contractors traveled state-wide to personally inspect each of the Trophy Award entrants and rated projects on artistic and technical merits.

*The 2014 Special Award winners are:

  • Stuart J. Sperber Memorial Sweepstakes Trophy (Best of Show): Jensen Landscape of San Jose for the Hillsborough residence in Hillsborough
  • Jon R. Alsdorf Memorial Award (the best entry from all residential categories): Visionscape, Inc. of Laguna Beach for the Johnson residence of Laguna Beach
  • John Redmond Memorial Award (the best entry from all maintenance categories): Modern Landscaping, Inc. of Campbell for the Selby Estate in Atherton
  • Gary Vallen Memorial Award (the best residential landscaping under $150,000): Past the Gate of Martinez for the Collison residence in Fremont
  • Herb Frank Memorial Award (the best entry from all commercial installation categories): Gothic Landscaping of Valencia for the Villa Metro-Cielo Townhomes in Santa Clarita
  • Bob Baier Memorial Award (the best entry containing sustainable installation elements): Envision Landscape Studio of San Diego for the Modern Urban Farmstead in San Diego
  • Special Effects Award (the best use of unique methods or materials and/ or special artistic effects): Falling Waters Landscape Inc. of Carlsbad for the Duke residence in Encinitas
  • Excelsior Award (awarded to a company who has been a CLCA member for less than a year for their outstanding project): Envision Landscape Studio of San Diego for the Modern Urban Farmstead in San Diego & Cadre Landscape of Los Angeles for Wateridge project in Los Angeles

*The 2014 Installation Award winners are:

  • Johnny Appleseed Landscaping, Inc. of Beverly Hills; Lazar Landscape Design & Construction, Inc. of Oakland; Modern Landscaping, Inc. of Campbell; Steve Hanson Landscaping, Inc. of Santa Barbara; Frank & Grossman Landscape Contractors, Inc. of San Francisco; Cadre Landscape of Los Angeles; Falling Waters Landscape, Inc. of Carlsbad; Gothic Landscaping, Inc. of Valencia; Conserve Landcare, Inc. of Thousand Palms; The Celtis Group of San Jose; Visionscape, Inc. of Laguna Beach; Wilson Environmental Contracting of Santa Barbara and Land Mechanics Inc. of Orange.

*The 2014 Maintenance Award winners are:

  • Visionscape, Inc. of Laguna Beach; Johnny Appleseed Landscaping, Inc. of Beverly Hills; Frank & Grossman Landscape Contractors, Inc. of San Francisco; Gachina Landscape Management of Menlo Park; New Way Landscape & Tree Service of San Diego; Marina Landscape, Inc. of Anaheim; Stay Green, Inc. of Santa Clarita; Cadre Landscape of Los Angeles; Conserve Landcare, Inc. of Thousand Palms; Past the Gate of Martinez; Falling Waters Landscape, Inc. of Carlsbad; Envision Landscape Studio of San Diego; Modern Landscaping, Inc. of Campbell; Gothic Landscaping, Inc. of Valencia and Jensen Landscape of San Jose.

This year’s judges were Bob Kirtley of CLCA’s San Francisco Bay Area Chapter and Larry Cleveland of the San Fernando Valley Chapter. They spent eight days and covered more than 700 miles with 101 stops to carefully inspect every entry. Both men have nearly 40 years of landscape experience, were presidents of their local CLCA chapters and have won numerous landscape installation and maintenance awards on the local and state level.

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