AUGUSTA, Ga. – From April 15 to_ June 15, 2014, at participating authorized Club Car dealers, qualified retail buyers can purchase a new Precedent golf car or zero-emissions, street-legal Villager LSV (low-speed vehicle) and choose either zero percent financing for 12 months or $500 close-out cash.

The finance offer applies to 2013 and 2014 Precedent golf cars and
Villager LSVs. The close-out cash offer applies to 2011 _- 2014 Precedent golf cars and
Villager LSVs.

Club Car’s spring sales event is also making it easier to buy XRT utility vehicles for work. From April 15 _- June 15, 2014, at participating dealers, qualified retail buyers have a choice between 3.9 percent financing for 36 months (new, unregistered 2013 – 2015 model year XRT utility vehicles) or $300 or $500 close-out cash, depending on the model selected (Close out cash: $300 for new, unregistered 2011 – 2013 electric XRT800 electric, XRT850 electric, XRT900 electric or XRT950 gasoline utility vehicles; $300 new, unregistered 2011 – 2014 XRT800 gasoline, XRT850 gasoline or XRT900 gasoline with the Kawasaki engine only; $500 for new, unregistered 2011 – 2014 XRT1550 models XRTs are available in compact, mid- and full-size models; gas, electric and diesel models; two- or four-passenger models; and two- and automatic four-wheel drive that senses the ground it’s on and shifts automatically.)

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