Do your clients  ask you for "edible" plants? Probably not. But we’re willing to bet they want "herbs" or "salads" or "colorful veggies" to add to their backyard bounty. No matter what they’re called (let’s just agree to use "edibles," at least for the time being), these bountiful plants have quickly become a staple in home gardens.

So what’s "in" this year? Check out the color of the Bright Lights Swiss Chard on the right. It’s one of a number of new, attractive edibles now in the trade.

Sally Benson, editorial director of sister magazine American Nurseryman turned to the folks at Ball Horticultural Co. to find out. Ball public relations and web account executive Katie Rotella identified five herb and veggie trends that are sure to have some staying power.

Click here for Sally’s American Nurseryman piece.  It will fill you in on some attractive (and tasty) plant choices, and another neat marketing hook for setting your company apart from competitors that also put in and maintain ornamental beds in your market.