Epicor Customers Assured Amidst Disaster of Hurricane Sandy

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

Epicor Software Corporation has ensured that through the diligent work of Epicor Local Platform Specialists (LPS), Epicor Watchdog ISS and Epicor Secure Data Backup (SDBU) the security of more than 1,000 Epicor customers located in the hurricane zone was protected during the course of Hurricane Sandy.

The Epicor LPS program provides on-site expert assistance to help plan, design and implement an efficient computer network. Members of the LPS team are attending to local businesses affected by the disaster-working in the challenging environment moving servers, reconfiguring firewalls and troubleshooting various technology issues for Epicor customers.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many Epicor customers and their businesses require replacement hardware. Epicor is working with great urgency and priority to ship and install replacements.  For those customers operating with the Secure Data Backup solution whose servers were destroyed in the storm, the replacement servers will ship with their data already fully restored,” said Mark Fair, vice president of customer services for Epicor. “The Epicor service team members including those from sales, Watchdog, LPS, tech support and Advice Line have certainly gone the extra mile for our valued customers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy,” said Fair. “We will continue to help our customers get back in business over the next few weeks as the remaining affected areas get power and network services restored.”