TOLEDO, Ill. – Ervin Equipment, Inc. is now the official dealer of new Talbert Manufacturing trailers in south Texas and Mexico.
Jeff Weber, vice president of sales and marketing at Ervin Equipment, said adding Talbert trailers helps Ervin meet specific demands in the southern territory, which is highly focused on oilfield work. The equipment used in the oil and gas industry requires strong, heavy-duty trailers that can accommodate the weight, bulk and challenging off-road conditions without increasing maintenance costs.
Ervin Equipment has a facility in Laredo, Texas, and has been growing in international sales through its three locations in Mexico, where the company has had a presence for years. Ervin offers customers convenient, efficient access to equipment throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America. Weber notes adding Talbert trailers to its network gives construction and mining customers more convenient access to the equipment they need throughout these regions.